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Bryan Adams Releases Surprise New Music And We Love It

Nobody knew it, but Bryan Adams has been working on new music. The "Summer of '69" singer recently dropped two surprise tracks that he's been working on. Both songs are for a feature film on Comedy Central, called Office Race, reported. So far the film isn't getting the best reviews, in spite of having a star-studded cast and decent plotline. The premise is pretty funny. An unmotivated employee named Pat won't do more than the bare minimum to keep his job. Until his arch nemesis, Spencer, becomes his boss. When Spencer says he's running a marathon, Pat volunteers to as well, just to one-up. And since Pat is nowhere near a seasoned runner, hilarity ensues. The comedy features stars including Joel McHale, Kelsey Grammer, Beck Bennett and Alyson Hannigan. You can watch the trailer here. From the trailer, the film looks funny and has very talented comedic actors. But it's only getting 5.3 out of 10 stars from IMDB reviewers. That's okay, though. We're not here for the comedy. We're here for the music. Bryan Adams wrote two music tracks for the film. The first is called “Sometimes You Lose Before You Win”. Adams teamed up with songwriter and producer Eliot Kennedy for this track ( He has won many awards for his music collaborations. Including a Juno Songwriter of the Year Award for Adams' ‘When You’re Gone’. This song has all the energy you'd expect from a Bryan Adams song. And we love it! The second track Adams wrote for Office Race is called "You're Awesome". This one also was a collaboration, and this one with a very well-known producer. Mutt Lange helped write the track, reported. And with the combined success of both Adams and Lange, it's no surprise this song it...well...awesome. According to, Bryan Adams directed both of these music videos. And both videos already have over 5 million views. - Wendy Rush, 96.3 KKLZ

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