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If you’ve ever been a woman in the rock and roll world, you’ve had to deal with something like this. Actually, if you’ve ever been a woman in a grocery store, or a gym, or a post office. Basically, if you’ve ever been a woman, you can probably relate. The question is, would you have dealt with it the way Joan Jett did?

You might say no. But imagine how often Jett has had to deal with stalkers and creepy guys trying to hit on her and her bandmates. Everyone has a breaking point. And I bet fans pushed Jett to hers often.

When Joan Jett was in The Runaways, those girls were all anyone talked about. A rock band made entirely of women. That’s something people are going to take note of. And even after Joan Jett left the famous band, she made even more waves as a solo artist. With hits like I Hate Myself For Lovin’ You and I Love Rock and Roll, she dominated the airwaves.

And after hearing stories like this, it makes more sense why Joan Jett was known for her bad reputation.

Loudersound.com reported that when creepy guys wouldn’t stop hitting on Joan Jett and her friends, Jett would give those guys a special “treat”. That treat was a special popsicle made out of 10% lemonade and 90% urine.

According to loudersound. com, Jett called them “pissicles”. The website reported that this story appears in the Lexicon Devil biography by Brendan Mullen. Allegedly Jett did admit to having the urine pops on hand in the fridge but doesn’t recall if they ever used them.

But even if she didn’t actually give them out, pouring urine into a popsicle mold and putting it in the freezer next to the hot pockets is more than most of us would do. Then again, most of us aren’t sex symbols in the public eye, either.

– Wendy Rush

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