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Do you feel a difference about this season’s version of the Vegas Golden Knights compared to previous seasons? I know I do.

I am an avid hockey fan, as you may be able to notice by all the Vegas Golden Knights and hockey posts in my section of I have been a fan since I was a kid, and even more so now that I have actually played roller hockey and ice hockey since I moved here to Las Vegas in 1994. I really enjoy watching our city’s NHL team when I have the chance. And I have noticed that this year’s team seems to be enjoying the game a lot more than some of the previous year’s teams.

It’s little things, like the way the team celebrates goals. I see more smiles on the player’s faces when they huddle together after they score. I have noticed a difference in their attitudes during pre-game and post-game interviews. They don’t seem as stressed out.

Of course, there are the big things too, like the way they celebrated newcomer Phil Kessel’s record-setting “Ironman” streak. And, the way the team supported relative newcomer Jack Eichel’s return to the city of Buffalo against the Sabres the other night. Those Buffalo fans booed him very loudly every time he touched the puck or stepped on to the ice for a faceoff. When he scored that hat-trick in the third period, it looked like his teammates were more excited for him than he was!

To me, those are signs of a tight-knit team, and I haven’t really seen that kind of excitement and joy since the “Golden Misfits” team of the Vegas Golden Knights inaugural season. Sure, winning nine games in a row helps a team feel good and loose too. But there have been winning streaks in past seasons where it seemed like the team felt each victory was a relief rather than a joy.

As the Golden Knights get set to begin another winning streak Tuesday night at T-Mobile Arena against division rivals, the San Jose Sharks, you can read more about the team’s bonding in this excellent article by insider Gary Lawless here. He actually gets to enter the Vegas Golden Knights locker room and travel with the team, so he would know more about this than me.

Go Knights Go!


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