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Well, there’s a new trend on Tik Tok, and it might be just as dangerous as the fire challenge. At least that’s what one Las Vegas orthodontist says about DIY braces. The trend isn’t exactly new. The idea has been around for several years, at least on the internet. I’m sure people have been doing it for as long as teeth have been around.

But Tik Tok recently has seen a surge of videos promoting this DIY solution to crooked teeth. Millions of people are doing things like shaving off parts of their teeth. Others are installing their own DIY braces with online kits. Rubber bands are a popular choice as well, specifically to fix gaps.

One Tik Tok subscriber posted a video saying “I just saw this video on TikTok where this girl fixed her gap with the little loomi rubber band things. So I have one because I was that kid that didn’t wear their retainer when my mom told me to every single night and I hate this, so we’re gonna try it,” news3lv.com reported.

The bigger problem is these people aren’t just risking their own oral health. Many are posting instructional videos to Tik Tok to help followers fix their own teeth. Without first confirming it works or that there aren’t long-term consequences.

Well, one Las Vegas orthodontist says there can be serious consequences to the #diybraces trend. Dr. Doug Simister from Las Vegas Braces watched some of the Tik Tok videos. He said using rubber bands on your teeth could cut off your blood supply. “That’s very dangerous to your gum tissue and the bone and could end up causing recession of the gums, recession of your bone, and ultimately loss of teeth,” he said (News3LV).

So when it comes to doing your own dental work, maybe just don’t.

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7 Stress-Reducing Lifestyle Changes You Should Make

Stress is obviously a part of life. Moreso now than it ever has been in the past. And we all have learned ways to manage it when it rears its ugly head. But just managing the symptoms of stress is not a long-term goal. It’s more sustainable to lessen how much of it gets into our lives in the first place.

It’s great to have tools in your tool bag for when stress does surface. Because it’s inevitable this day and age that it will. But there are changes we can make to our lifestyles that can drastically lessen the amount of stress we feel daily.

Chronic stress can lead to major health issues. According to the Mayo Clinic, if you feel constantly unsafe, your body will stay in fight-or-flight mode. That means your cortisol and adrenaline levels stay elevated, and your heartrate and blood pressure don’t regulate themselves. Long-term exposure to that can seriously mess up your body’s processes.

The effect can lead to many health issues, including anxiety and depression. Even weight gain, headaches and sleep problems are linked to chronic stress. Digestive problems and muscle pain are also effects of long-term stress. Not to mention more serious issues like heart disease, heart attack, high blood pressure and stroke.

Have you ever been in a bad relationship and thought there was something wrong with YOU that required serious remedies like medication or therapy? Only to have that relationship end and suddenly be “cured”? Happens all the time. I’m not advocating for no therapy or to just did your meds. Just saying you should take a look at your life. Maybe there are things that need to change.

It’s vital to find ways to allow less stress into our lives. Here’s a list of ways to do just that. 🙂

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  • 1. Get Enough Sleep

    Rest And Relax Concept. Beautiful peaceful black lady stretching arms after wakeup, enjoying sunny morning, millennial African American female lying under blanket in bed with white bedsheets

    It cannot be understated how important sleep is for stress management. Try to go to bed and get up at the same time so your body can anticipate and make the most of the time you’ve set aside for repose. And ditch those electronics in the bedroom for the best sleep results.

  • 2. Practice Mindfulness

    Middle aged man meditating at his living room floor sitting

    One of the easiest lifestyle changes you can make for less stress is to learn how to practice mindfulness. This doesn’t necessarily mean setting aside 20 minutes every day to meditate. Although that would be amazing. Mindfulness just means being present in the moment. Whether that means putting the phone away when you’re eating so you can focus on the tastes and textures of the food, or taking a moment to notice the sights and smells around you. Mindfulness brings you into the present moment and out of your stress.

  • 3. Eat Well

    Healthy eating concept, ingredients for smoothies on the table, top view

    A good diet is an essential element for keeping your body and mind performing at their best. And this helps to manage the daily stress we all experience. Try to avoid processed foods as much as you can. and eat plenty of greens and whole grains to get the most health benefits. If you are a meat-eater, opt for the leanest proteins you can.

  • 4. Set Boundaries

    Close up focus on female mixed race palm hand showing stop sign, serious african american woman protesting against bullying in society, sexual or racial discrimination, denying family abuse indoors.

    You know that phrase “location, location, location”? Well that level of importance should be stressed on “boundaries, boundaries, boundaries”. While it might be really challenging to say no when people ask you to do things, it’s a MUST if you are stretched thin and not able to prioritize your self-care. There’s a reason people-pleasers are exhausted all the time.

  • 5. Time Management

    business man successfully juggling managing his time

    With everything we tend to pack on our plates, being able to juggle it all is vital. Think about it, if you start the day later than you need to get everything on your list done, you’re setting yourself up for failure. If you always feel stressed about your packed schedule, maybe waking up ten or fifteen minutes earlier can make a difference in the stress levels you have throughout the day.

  • 6. Get Picky About Your Circle

    Multiracial group of young people standing in circle and smiling at camera - Happy diverse friends having fun hugging together - Low angle view

    They say the people closest to you shape who you become. If your circle of friends includes people who are chronically negative, its going to have an effect on your stress levels. So surround yourself with people who elevate your mood and you’ll have an easier time handling stress.

  • 7. Get A Pet

    Portrait of happy multiracial couple scratching their pet dog, sitting on floor at home. Arab guy and his Caucasian girlfriend hugging their golden retriever in living room

    Studies have shown that interacting with animals lowers cortisol. That’s a stress-related hormone. Having a pet also boosts your mood and lowers your blood pressure.