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What the what?? Is this video proof of the matrix or some really good video trickery?

If you haven’t seen any of the movies in The Matrix franchise, here’s the skinny. The Matrix is a virtual world that humans are plugged into. In a post-war world, they are being used as sources of power. The humans’ bodies are asleep but their minds are plugged into this virtual world to hide the fact that they are slaves to the machines that harvest the energy.

Once in a while, in the movie, the matrix will “glitch”, meaning something that just happened will repeat, rewind, jump or otherwise not abide by laws of nature. Some characters write it off as a déjà vu. But…what if that IS what déjà vu is? What if anytime we have déjà vu, we’re just witnessing this virtual world malfunction for a split second?

There are some people that believe the matrix is real, and that we are all plugged into some kind of virtual reality. That we aren’t really driving to work or having birthday parties or going on vacation. That these are all just simulations in our minds. Ever see Total Recall? Freaky.

Recently a TikTok user named KahootDaddy777 posted a video of what appears to be a glitch in the matrix. And people are freaking out! In the video, the girl describes something that happened to her at work that she can’t explain. She was cutting a lemon in half and she stepped away from the lemon for a few seconds to grab a plastic bag. When she returned the lemon was whole again! The girl is noticeably confused because the lemon does appear to have magically repaired itself.

So is it real or just really good acting? It’s hard to say since the video isn’t clear. Also let’s not forget someone walks in the line of sight right when a lemon switch could have happened. People are on both sides of the argument. Where do you stand? Be advised there is some swearing in this video so it might be NSFW.

You can watch the video here.