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LONDON - JUNE 28: Shrek poses at the UK Charity Premiere of "Shrek 2" at the Empire Leicester Square on June 28, 2004 in London. The animated comedy picks up where the first "Shrek" movie ended, and is screened in aid of Sky's charity initiative "Make It Big". (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Here’s a bit of trivia you may not have known. Comedian Chris Farley was the original voice of Shrek. The SNL alumni actually had 90% of the script for the Shrek movie done when he passed away. The producers of the movie didn’t want to use an impersonator to complete the roll, so they recast Mike Meyers.

So the big question, what would Shrek have sounded like if Chris Farley did the whole role? Well, very different. Check it out.

Hearing Shrek without the Scottish accent is just weird, so it seems Mike Meyers made a good choice there. But man, this whole franchise would have been different if Farley had completed the roll.