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SIERRA MADRE, CA - MAY 29: Spam, the often-maligned classic canned lunch meat made by Hormel Foods, is seen on a grocery store shelf May 29, 2008 in Sierra Madre, California. With the rise in food prices, sales of Spam are increasing as consumers look for ways to cut their food bills. According to the US Agriculture Department, the price of food is rising at the fastest rate since 1990. Increasingly expensive staples include such items as white bread, up 13 percent over last year, butter, up nine percent, and bacon at seven percent. The increasing sales have translated to 14 percent higher profits for Hormel. Spam was created in 1937 and was popularized as a staple food for World War II Western allied forces. (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

Pumpkin Spice no doubt is a seasonal thing that lots of people wait for.  Pumpkin Spice coffee’s, Latte’s, candles, air fresheners, and more!  While there’s a huge love for it, there’s also a huge dislike for it as well.

Well, Hormel Foods Corp. has probably stirred the Pumpkin Spice pot even more.  They have confirmed that Pumpkin Spice SPAM will be sold.  SPAM is in the same boat as Pumpkin Spice as far as popularity.  You either really like it or you really hate it!

If by chance you’re really into it and want to get your hands on this limited run of SPAM, you can purchase them from or starting on September 23rd!

I gonna go out on a limb and say this SPAM flavor probably isn’t a bad combination, but then again it’s SPAM.  Being from Hawaii, I will be buying a can or two!  Will you buy Pumpkin Spiced SPAM?