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MILAN, ITALY - SEPTEMBER 26: (Editors Note: This image has been digitally altered) An alternative view of Debbie Harry at amfAR Milano 2015 at La Permanente on September 26, 2015 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images for amfAR)

It was a girl power kind of evening at the Pearl Concert Theater this weekend at the Palms casino. John Doe & Exene Cervenka played as people started to trickle in. After that, it was all about the ladies.

Garbage delighted the audience with all their hits, and Shirley Manson (looking amazing at 50!!) renewed fans’ permission to rock an evening gown with combat boots.

The place was packed! Sometimes Shirley would walk around in a circle while she sang…

And sometimes she would play right to the audience, which is even more fun when you have two very tall, VERY enthusiast men rocking out in front of you. 😉

Laced between the hits were plenty of the Garbage alt-rock songs. Which Shirley commented on, saying “you know what I like most about Garbage fans? You guys like sad songs. So do I.”

Garbage played a decent-sized set. After a quick intermission (just long enough to get through the drink line once), out came Blondie. Debbie kicked it off right, with one of their biggest hits:

And then another…

After a few songs from Blondie’s new album, Pollinator, Debbie proved that she can still rap. And Chris Stein can still play a mean guitar.

Debbie is a lot of fun on stage. Keeping it light-hearted with little antics like singing into the mic as it was sandwiched between her bicep and forearm. But, she also had a message. Blondie’s new album, Pollinator, (11th studio album, released this May) was made to help save the bees and raise awareness about the decline of the global bee population. They had special “Pollinator/Save The Bees” Tees available for purchase in the lobby. In an interview, Debbie Harry said the album was really to support survival, of all the earth’s creatures. And she drove that point home with her cape that had “Stop F–ing The Planet” stamped on the back.

Blondie delivered plenty of their songs from the new album. Some fans were disappointed that they didn’t perform “The Tide Is High”, but they wouldn’t get away with not doing this one:

For their encore, Blondie brought back “Dreaming”. That was a blast from the past!!

And of all their new songs from Pollinator, this is the one that really had the crowd rocking out. It’s so Blondie!

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