High school marching band playing on a field during half-time at a football game.

When a police officers tells you to do something, the best thing to do is listen. Avoiding them ignoring their requests will only get you in more trouble… or tased!

Shut That Music Off

Johnny Mims is a band director at Minor High School, located in Alabama near Birmingham. He’s been the band director since 2018.

Mims’ high school marching band was at the Jackson-Olin’s football game to hype the crowd, like most high school bands do. The game ended with Minor High School winning 27-0. But after the game ended, the bands kept playing from both schools. They continued to play long after the game ended.

Police finally showed up and asked both bands to shut it down and leave. The Jackson-Olin band did as they were told. But Johnny Mims wasn’t about to just pack up. His high school football team just blew out the other team. They we’re there for the celebration. Mims ignored the request from the police officers. They were getting frustrated because the crowd wasn’t leaving. Mims told his band to keep playing.

Mess Around And Find Out

Police eventually had enough and decided to arrested Johnny for not listening to their orders. But Johnny resisted arrest, according to Meaww. When he started to resist, one of the police officers had had enough, so he tased Mims. Mims refused to put his hands behind his back. He also shoved one of the officers.

Mims was finally detained. The band packed up and fans and families cleared out.

Johnny Mims is facing charges for disorderly conduct, harassment, and resisting arrest. As for Mims still having a job, it’s still up in the air. AL.com reported that the school’s superintendent put out a statement, but will not comment on anything until they’ve finished getting all the facts straight.

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