Public bathrooms are the worst! You and I both would avoid them if we could! But sometimes you have to go and when you have to go, you can’t avoid it.

A poll was done to see what people do to avoid germs in public restrooms and you’d be surprised how many people do or don’t do things to avoid germs.

So how do you make your public bathroom experience bearable? Maybe follow these few things!

Using a paper towel to open the doors or turn faucets. About 62% of people do it sometimes.

Flushing the toilet with your foot! 43% of people said they do this!

When using a public toilet, hovering over the toilet seat. 31% said they do this. That’s mostly women who do this!

Opening and closing doors with  your butt. About 27% of people said they do this.

And those hand dryers and paper towel dispensers, 20% of people say they use their elbow to start them!

Do you do any of these things when using a public restroom? We have more on this story in today’s Other News!

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