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Who is one celebrity that you love for whatever reason, but others would considered “oddly” sexy? After watching the Academy Awards last night, that was the questions this morning on The Mike & Carla Morning Show.

Although he wasn’t there last night, Carla Rea brought up Paul Giamatte. Academy Award nominated and two time Golden Globe winner, Carla just thinks he’s oddly sexy. In fact, Giamatte got a couple of votes! Most likely because of his role in “Sideways”.

On the other hand, Mike O’Brian called out 13 time Grammy winner Bonnie Raitt and actor  Laura Linny. Mike thought both were “oddly” sexy for one reason or another.

That meant it was time to open the phone lines. Listeners called in and texted in with their nominations of you they thought were “oddly” sexy. One right off the bat, Dianne Keaton!

Normally seems a little tipsy when on talk shows, wearing the hat with glasses. But there seems to be something sexy about that to some. With all the different roles and movies, she gets the nod for “oddly” sexy.

Hey, if she was hot enough for Keanu Reeves and “Something’s Gotta Give”, then there ya go! Also getting a couple of nod, Lyle Lovitt got a few votes as “oddly” sexy…as well as Telly Savalis.

Megan Gyllenhaal got a honorable mention as well as the actress who played the sister on “Dexter”. Jennifer Carpenter, although a little odd at times had something sexy about her.

Then the bombshell was texted in. Tilda Swinton got a vote and that stopped the presses! Hands down the winner of the “oddly” sexy title on The M&C Morning Show!

Academy Award winner for her role in “Michael Clayton”, the British actor has played a variety or roles. A mention that had everyone Googling her name! So, there ya go…our list of “oddly” sexy celebrities!

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