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XIAN, CHINA - JULY 28: (CHINA OUT) Residents buy welfare lotteries with the help of lottery vending machines at the Zhongfu Online Scratch-open Welfare Lotteries Selling Center opened on Wednesday, on July 28, 2005 in Xian of Shaanxi Province, China. The center, approved by the government, has 40 lottery vending machines. Statistics from China Welfare Lottery Issuing Centre show that welfare lottery sales had exceeded RMB 22.6 billion (USD 2.73 billion) by the end of 2004, raising RMB 7.9 billion (USD 955 million) for the country's public welfare system another record. The sale of all lottery tickets, apart from those for the welfare and sports lotteries, have been banned from the domestic market by the State Council, according to state media. (Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

A man in China recently won about $30 million dollars from the lottery! When you win that much money, you can’t wait to tell your family! This man not so much. He said he won’t tell his wife and his kids because he feels they will become lazy if they know their family all of a sudden has all this money!

The man won the lottery on October 24th and only identified himself as Mr. Li. When he went to collect his prize, which was 219 million yuan or $29.9 million US dollars, they dressed him as a yellow mascot, something common with their lotto winners. The did it to conceal his identity and it also made it easier to hide it from his family.

Now we don’t know how long he’ll be able to keep this from his family, but so far he’s done a great job!

Would you keep it a secret from your family if you wont the lottery? We have more on this story and more in today’s Other News!