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It’s the latest trend in new flavors for soft drinks and Mountain Dew is all over it…you have to try the newest Mountain Dew flavor, “Fruit Quake”! The Mike & Carla Morning Show brought this up only because Carla Rea LOVES fruitcake and now you quench your thirst with the flavor of fruitcake…just in time for the holidays!

Not sure this taste is for everyone, including on who loves fruitcake as much as Carla does, but you might just have to try it for the heck of it! It will be on the shelves at your favorite grocery store by November nationwide…unless you live in that market that has already stocked the holiday juice!

For those keeping track, this is the fourth “holiday” flavor the soft drink company has done in the past few years…if you remember, “Holiday Brew” was the first back in 2017. Since they thought that was such a hit, they would try it again. It was regular Mountain Dew mixed with the new Code Red at the time…because if you mix green with red you get, uh Christmas!

Since they were on a roll, the bottler came out with a new one after that…they did a cranberry-pomegranate soda called “Merry Mash-up” And last year they did one called “Gingerbread Snap’d”.

Now the reviews for the Fruit Quake flavor are mixed so far.  Some people seem to love it.  But one Mountain Dew super-fan is quoted as saying that it’s even grosser than the gingerbread flavor.  They said it tastes like the inside of an arts-and-crafts store…which is always nice!

No matter what you think, it has to be a great stocking stuffer for the upcoming holiday season, so if you see a six pack, you just might want to pick one or two up! Not saying you have to drink it yourself, but it would make for a great White Elephant gift right?

Check out the story and a few other topics that popped up during the segment we refer to as “A Few Things We Think You Should Know” from this morning…and enjoy!

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