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The latest Red Hot Chili Peppers album is something of a comeback, as it features guitarist John Frusciante back in the fold for the first time since 2006. As it turns out, Frusciante and company have more on the way- and according to John, it’s even better than what you’ll find on Unlimited Love.

“I definitely feel like we saved a lot of some of the best stuff for the potential next album, so I’m excited about putting that into a shape,” Frusciante told Total Guitar. “We went into the studio with about 45 [songs], and then a few songs got written while we were recording the basic tracks, or while we were in pre-production.”

Frusciante joked about being ready to wrap things up early in the recording process, since the band already had more than enough good songs. “You know, I was ready to stop when we had like 20 – I felt like that was good enough,” Frusciante said. He added, laughing, “And there were actually three points during the writing process where I thought, ‘We’ve got enough songs; I’m gonna stop writing songs now.'”

Unlimited Love is available now. The set features the singles “Black Summer,” “Poster Child” and “These Are the Ways,” all of which can expect to hear when the band hits the road this year.

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