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Here are the latest adoptables from Heart’s Alive Village.


The humans at Hearts Alive Village said that I’ve been here long enough, I can introduce myself. My name is Gordo and I’m the Adoptable Kitty of the Week! Back in March, I was dumped in the Petsmart parking lot. I was so scared! I didn’t know where my owner went and since none of the humans speak Cat, I couldn’t tell them I needed help. Thankfully, a nice person understood what was going on and brought me to Hearts Alive. A little bit about me… I’m about 5-years-old and I’m ready to have a human of my own who will:
– Love me (on my terms, of course… I am a cat after all)
– Help me stay healthy (I was a teensy bit overweight when I got here. Okay, maybe I still am. So I need someone who will help me stay focused on the goal so I don’t hit the kitty snacks when you go to bed)
– Give me my joint supplements and my dietary food
– Be okay just having me as their kitty. I can put up with another one in the house as long as he minds his own whiskers
Some nice lady came in here last week and paid my adoption fee so I’m ready to go home at any time! Come visit me in the Kitty Cottage at our Adoption Center – 1750 S. Rainbow Blvd # 4. We’re open 10-7 weekdays and 10-5 weekends.
Every day, we meet animals who are the casualties of human lives falling to pieces.

Through no fault of their own, they have become victims, going from a once happy family to neglected, homeless, and uncertain of their future. Tank and Princess are no different. 15-year-old Tank and 6-year-old Princess were in bad shape when we took them in. Their health and well-being were not prioritized and the future wasn’t looking too good for these sweet siblings. Fortunately, they’re now safe and cared for here at the Hearts Alive Village ReTreat. We’ve given them the medical attention they so sorely needed, and the love they’ve been missing. Now, it’s your turn. These babies need a home to call their own. They’ve been a source of support for one another for years and we’d like to keep them together if at all possible. If we can’t, it’s more important to get them out of a kennel and into a home. Princess is frightened by other dogs, so they’ll need a home where they can be the only pets.

Please help us find a foster or forever home for these deserving cuties. Fill out an app at https://www.shelterluv.com/publish_animal/hav-a-4462