Celebrating Father's Day. Breakfast. The idea for a hearty and delicious breakfast: pancakes in form of congratulations - #1 dad. In a frying pan, coffee mug and strawberries. Top view copy space

Children make many mistakes growing up. Were you one of those kids? For real, how many times have we left our homework at home and dad came to the rescue? How many times have we went over our minutes or texting limit and received a fee you couldn’t pay for? What other mistakes did you do?

All jokes aside, after countless mistakes, dad was there to save us most of the time. A bunch of us had dad take care of us while we continued to learn and grow. Sunday is time to thank dad for all of his never-ending love and efforts.

Father’s Day is coming up on June 20 and we have collected the BEST deals in Vegas to celebrate the special day.

Honey Salt is offering a special brunch for dads on Father’s Day!

Hash House A Go Go is offering a special Father’s Day menu with the corned beef swiss burger and pot roast hash.

Pinkbox Doughnuts is decorating a bunch of donuts Father’s Day themed through June 18 – 21. They are offering themed doughnuts named, “Sports Dad” and “Business Dad.”

STK Steakhouse is offering a Dad’s Day brunch and dinner special with whiskey & wagyu!

Kona Grill is offering a Surf & Turf menu for brunch and dinner.