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A woman in North Carolina lost her job after losing power during Florence and missing her shift at a restaurant.

The details regarding the events leading up to her being fired are not known, but regardless, she in no longer employed at the eatery.

It is unclear if she was able to phone her employer during the storm to let them know she couldn’t come in.

While most employers are understanding when a catastrophic storm hits the area, in North Carolina, an employee doesn’t have much recourse if they are fired — Even during a hurricane.

According to WRAL, North Carolina follows at-will employment practices — Meaning an employee could be fired at any time, without reason.

This means that even during a state of emergency, employees are expected to report to their job when the establishment is open.

The only exceptions to this is if the employer had a prior signed agreement with the employee regarding a weather related event. Or, in the event where reporting to work would have put the employee’s life in great danger. In that instance, the individual can appeal the firing with the Labor Department, by phoning 1.800.NC.LABOR.

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