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A new survey just asked more than 31,000 millennials from 186 countries to name the biggest problems facing the world.  And no, things like “my parents making me move out at 32” and “I can’t afford a new iPhone” didn’t make the list.

Clearly those who took this survey took it seriously, because these are all real answers. Millennials are the future, and this is what people under 35 around the world are the most worried about:

1.  Climate change.

2.  Wars.

3.  Inequality, when it comes to income or discrimination.

4.  Poverty.

5.  Religious conflicts.

6.  Government corruption.

7.  Food and water security and safety.

8.  Lack of education.

9.  General safety, security, and well being.

10.  A lack of opportunities for jobs or making money.