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Do you dare ride the “Train Of Terror” this Halloween season?

It sounds like a unique experience for this time of year, and it is sponsored by Friends of the Nevada Southern Railway at the Nevada State Railroad Museum located at 601 Yucca Street in Boulder City, 89005. The “Train of Terror” departs at 5:30pm and 7:30pm on various evenings from September 30 through October 30. Please be aware that this experience is rated PG-13 and it is NOT intended for younger children.

If you would like to order tickets, click here. Apparently, the trains sell out quickly, so if you plan on riding the “Train of Terror,” you may want to purchase tickets now.  According to the website, this 90-minute experience takes place both on and off the train, and it explores the “mystery of the Nevada Test Site.”

This sounds like a fun and interesting experience for the Halloween season. However, patrons dressed in Halloween costumes will NOT be allowed on the train. You should also know that the organizers require that you arrive at least 30 minutes in advance of your departure time. All tickets must be purchased online.

“All Aboard!” for the “Train of Terror,” if you dare.


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9 Halloween Attractions You Must-Visit In Las Vegas

The last Saturday of October is coming sooner than one might expect. Halloween being only 39 days away sets the tone to start jumping into the festivities of the orange and black holiday.

The best part about the end of September and beginning of October in Vegas is that the weather isn’t scorching. Despite being hot 300 days out of the year it does cool down which allows for the residents to leave their house.

Trick-or-treating is still a bit a ways, so to hold off the sweet craving we decided to explore what the entertainment capital of the U.S. has to offer. Many Las Vegas locals will start to see pumpkin patches pop up around the valley with carnival games, blow up jungle gyms and fall foods. If you’re seeking other fun things to do we have the perfect list. Plus, finding things to do with the entire family can be challenging at times.

Vegas is the premier place to celebrate all things scary as we have a few destinations that are known to cause some commotion. From haunted houses, scary escape rooms and eerie corn mazes are just a few of the things to partake in. No matter if you’re on the east side, near Nellis, or deep into Summerlin, near Queensridge, there are activities on all sides of the valley.

Each of the event places below are fitted for a variety of age groups and are catered to different levels of terror. Tickets are selling out for many of these places so booking in advance may be in your best interest. Prices may very and tend to go up the closer to Halloween. Check out each of the places social media and websites for exact details.

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  • The Official Saw Escape Las Vegas Experience

    Address: 2121 Industrial Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89102

    Do you want to play a game? The newly SAW escape experience will toy with your emotions to the fullest. Try your best to escape from the gore, twisted puzzles and mind racing scenarios. Will make it out alive?

    The fully immersive multi-room experience is one of the largest escape rooms in the U.S. Limited spots available. Reservations required. Ticket packages can be purchased HERE.

  • Escape Blair Witch Las Vegas Experience

    Address: 2121 Industrial Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89102

    Do you believe in the stories about the Blair Witch? This immersive multi-room experience will take you on a journey to find the lost college students. Your pschy will be tested as you try to unveil what really happened in the Black Hills Forest.

    Spine chilling is an understatement. Limited spots available. Reservations required. Ticket packages can be purchased HERE.

  • Gilcrease Orchard

    Address: 7800 N Tenaya Way, Las Vegas, NV 89131

    Gilcrease Orchard is the perfect spot for the entire family. The family-owned farm started their fall celebration yesterday.

    Check out the farms open acres full of freshly grown fruits and vegetables. Sunflowers, zucchini, herbs are growing in their garden. Explore their giant pumpkin patch for personal picking. Take a break for a sugary sweet treat with their cinnamon sugar apple cider donuts and refreshing apple cider.

    Take photos with their lawn art and wall decor. Take the family on a wagon hay ride and hay maze. Ticket info can be found on their website HERE.

  • Moapa Valley Corn Maze

    Address: Lewis Ranch Rd. Moapa, Nevada 89025

    Moapa Valley Cornmaze is the perfect stop for scary and family-fun. The farm offers lots of fall activities to keep you busy for hours. From their pumpkin patch, zombie paintball, bounce pillow, pedal carts, corn pit, playground, swing set and more.

    If you’re hungry stop by their dining commons funnel cakes, hot apple pie fries and caramel apples. They also offer haunted hay rides and the shriek shack haunted house. More info can be found HERE.

  • Haunted Harvest At Springs Preserve

    Address: 333 S Valley View Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89107

    Haunted Harvest at Springs Preserve is back with their annual ghoulish event. Families are welcome to come in costume to make their way through their themed trick-or-treat stations. They will also have LIVE entertainment. Performers TBA.

    Brave souls can chance their way through their spooky Boo!town where haunted characters are wandering around.  Attendance is limited so get your tickets now. Tickets are sold on-line only. They have free parking which is also a perk.

  • Halloween Parade Of Mischief

    Address: 1980 Festival Plaza Dr. Las Vegas, Nevada 89135

    Downtown Summerlin is back with their annual Halloween parade. Dancing zombies, ghosts, witches, wizards and more will fill the streets for your amazement.

    Pre-parade starts at 6:45 p.m. and parade starts at 7 p.m. every Friday and Saturday. The event is free and parking is available at Downtown Summerlin. More details can be found HERE.

  • Asylum And Hotel Dear - Las Vegas Haunts

    Address: 4300 Meadows Lane, Las Vegas, Nevada 89107

    Get ready to be scared out of your mind with two of Las Vegas’ scariest haunted houses.

    Asylum originally named The Meadview Health Sanctuary started in the 1800s and has gone through many turmoil’s. The facility is now under new owners and is heard to be used for genetic enhancing and viral testing. Will you be chosen as one of their test subjects?

    Hotel Fear, was ran by the Feorays family until they were brutally murdered. The original owner’s grandson Mortimer took over the hotel running it into the ground and killing everyone in it except one hotel guest. The guest is yet to be found and now with the hotel back up and running… Your check in time is near.

    Tickets are available for purchase HERE.

  • Halloween Maze

    Address: 4180 S. Forte Apache Rd. #4180, Las Vegas, Nevada 89147

    Newer to Las Vegas but not new to scary. Halloween Maze returns for their second season in terrifying Las Vegas locals. Hold onto your emotions and bladder as you make your way through eight rooms of scary.

    Spine-chilling clowns, creepy zombies, circus freaks and haunted looking creatures are waiting for you. Darkness looms each room making it harder to survive. Tickets may be purchased HERE.

  • Freakling Bros Horror Shows

    Address: 6555 S Riley St Las Vegas, Nevada 89148

    Freakling Bros Horror Shows are experts in all things scary. They have been in the Las Vegas market for over 30 years. They have three haunted houses that will leave you mortified: Coven of 13, Gates Of Hell and Castle Vampyre. Coven of 13 is all about witches, warlocks and black magic. Gates of Hell is R-Rated and must be 17 years of age or older. Castle Vampyre is a castle that is alive. Fans love it  because of it’s fun illusory terror.

    They have different packages available and free parking in the IKEA parking lot. Get all of the details HERE.