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David Crosby is apparently still taking heat from his now-infamous “Meh” tweet about Eddie Van Halen’s guitar skills. However, it’s not from strangers, but from his family!

Crosby tweeted, “You will be happy to know that I am reliably informed by the younger members of my family that I am an old idiot and Van Halen was one of the next guitarists to have ever lived.”

After a fan responded with, “It’s ok. We love you. But you blew the Eddie Van Halen thing,” Croz responded to them with, “I did ..he was an amazing guitarist but I didn’t know that…truth is I never ever listened to that band so I was completely ignorant ….no insult intended….I never listened to any of the big pop rock bands ..I didn’t even own a Led Zep record and they could write.”

Of course, this Led Zeppelin confession opened another can of worms. One person responded, “How could you NOT own a Zeppelin album? Seriously, dude.”
Crosby then replied, “Really …in hindsight I don’t understand it but…”

So, let this be yet another reminder to consider following David Crosby on Twitter. You might not always agree with him, but he’s rather entertaining.

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