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Neil Young and David Crosby aren’t making up anytime soon, so for those hoping for a Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young reunion, don’t hold your breath.

In a new interview with AARP Magazine, Young says, “Crosby should write an introspective book: ‘Why People Won’t Talk to Me Anymore.’ He made a lot of great music for a long time. I don’t know what happened with David. I got nothing to say. I love Stephen. I love Graham. If a reunion happens, it would be a surprise. I won’t close the door on anything. I can hold a grudge with the best of them but only if there’s a reason for it.”

Another thing you shouldn’t hold your breath on is Young retiring. Many artists as of late have been retiring from the road for a variety of reasons, but Young says, “I could never do a retirement tour. I’d feel like Cher. Don’t retire unless you really aren’t interested. I’m interested. It hurts a little to play now where it didn’t before. I don’t hear quite as well as I did before. My voice is not like it was before. Show me something that is like it was before. I feel good about the future. The idea is, do not stop moving.”

However, one thing you won’t see Young doing on the road is any sort of niche tour, like playing a certain album in its entirety.

“I was just offered millions of dollars for a tour to do ‘Harvest.’ Everyone who played on [1972’s] ‘Harvest’ is dead,” said Young. “I don’t want to do that. How about planting instead of harvesting? If I decide to go on the road, I’d like to do a democracy tour next year with different people that keep changing. Not right or left. Democracy is not you on this side and me on that side just to see who wins.”

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