If you’ve been thinking that the cost of childcare in Nevada seems high, you’re not imagining it.

A list of the most expensive states for childcare just came out. And where Nevada ranked is shocking. Even for those of us who already know how expensive childcare is in our state.

The list was put together by Help Advisor. They compared the average numbers of both states as well as major cities in the United States. According to the study, families in the U.S. are spending an average of 27% of their household income on childcare. That is only 1% lower than the amount that Forbes advises should go toward families mortgages!

And while Nevada did land in the top five for the most expensive states for childcare, Las Vegas did not make the top five in Help Advisor’s breakdown of major cities. Those spots went to places with much higher costs of living. Including San Francisco, at $510.11 per week. Seattle, at $453.65 per week. Philadelphia, at $427.41 per week. New York, at $414.64 per week. And Boston, at $412.96 per week.

However, a study done by tootris.com did name Las Vegas as the most expensive city in Nevada for the cost of childcare in 2023. They broke down the costs based upon the age of the child. Every parent who has had to put their kid in childcare knows an infant costs more than an older child. In fact, most places I’ve used will charge extra until the child is potty-trained, regardless of age. Which makes sense. As it takes more work to change diapers and clean up accidents. Tootris reported that the average infant childcare cost in Las Vegas is $1,365!

Going back to Help Advisor’s study, we see that the national average of weekly childcare expenses in the country is $325.39.

Some of our neighboring states that fall at or below that amount include Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. Which costs a weekly average of $307.82, $271.63 and $270.76, respectively. For the study, Help Advisor used information released in May of 2023 by the U.S. Census Bureau.

And when it comes to the most expensive states in the country for childcare, here’s the study’s top 10.

-Wendy Rush, 96.3 KKLZ

  • 10. Oregon

    Beautiful view of sunlight at sunset of Cannon Beach with Haystack Rock in the background and clouds reflections in the foreground. A couple (two people) enjoying a colorful summer sunset over Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach (Oregon coast). Long exposure with a flat beach and clouds reflections in the foreground. Sand Patterns on a sunset Beach. This beach is also famous for appearing in the movie The Goonies, Oregon Coast, USA

    One of two states in the Pacific Northwest to land in the top 10. The second coming in at number five. Oregon’s average childcare costs came in at $378.21 per week. And they didn’t have a major city on the top 10 list that bumped up their average.

  • 9. Illinois

    Chicago, Illinois, USA park and downtown skyline at twilight in spring.

    Chicago’s cost of living undoubtedly contributed to the overall average of childcare costs in Illinois. The Windy City was number seven on Help Advisor’s list of most expensive cities for childcare. The state average came in at number nine with a cost of $379.37 per week.

  • 8. Massachusetts

    Annisquam Harbor Light Station is a historic lighthouse on Wigwam Point in the Annisquam neighborhood of Gloucester, Massachusetts.

    Living on the east coast isn’t cheap, as well all know. Boston was number five on Help Advisor’s list of cities with most expensive childcare costs. The state average came in at $385.10 per week.

  • 7. Virginia

    Cityscape of Arlington and Potomac River on a Sunny Summer Day – Arlington, Virginia, USA

    With no major city in the top 10 driving up the state average, Virginia still landed on the list. Which means a consistent high across the state for childcare costs. The state came in at $392.70 per week average.

  • 6. Colorado

    welcome to colorful Colorado roadside wooden sign with Rocky Mountains in background

    Another state that has high childcare average across the state. No major city in Denver came in on the list of most expensive cities. Still, the state’s average is $392.77 per week.

  • 5. Washington

    Columbia River Interstate Bridge at Sunset in Vancover, Washington

    Washington state also came in high on the list. The cost of living there isn’t that high in some of the cities, but others, like Seattle, definitely increased the state’s average. They came in at $408.67 per week for childcare costs.

  • 4. Hawaii

    Aerial View of the City of Wailuku on the Island of Maui in Hawaii

    Everything seems to be more expensive in Hawaii. So it wasn’t a surprise that the Aloha state landed in the top 10 for childcare costs. At number 4, they average $413.13 per week per child.

  • 3. Washington, D.C.

    Washington DC aerial view with Thomas Jefferson Memorial building

    This one might not be surprising. Considering how high the cost of living is in the area. D.C. came in at $427.90 per week in average childcare costs.

  • 2. New Jersey

    Idyllic landscape showing Jersey City and Hudson River (USA). The image is illuminated by the setting sun. A beautiful cloudy sky with warm summer colours. In the foreground, on the Hudson River, we can see boats and sailboats. The bottom of the sky is fire-coloured.

    Coming in at the second most expensive for weekly childcare is New Jersey. The average cost their is $442.19. That is per week, per child.


  • 1. Nevada

    Downtown Reno skyline, Nevada, with hotels, casinos and the surrounding High Eastern Sierra foothills

    I know. I was shocked too. Nevada came in at the very top for average weekly childcare costs. At $493.46 per week.

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