Gearheads around the world are getting ready for the race of a lifetime! The 2023 Formula 1 Heineken Silver Las Vegas Grand Prix takes place exactly one year from now: November 16-18, 2023. If you hit Powerball recently and were in the market for a modest suite for the race, Wynn has just the place for you.

Earlier this week, Wynn Las Vegas unleashed the “Million Dollar All-Access Experience” on the world. Yes, you read that right. $1,000,000 for an ultra-luxe weekend of racing for the F1 Las Vegas.

For the person for whom money is no object, we’ll hit you with the details. For the rest of us (yeah, this blogger included), just listen and drool.

Here’s what a cool million bucks will get you.

First, you’ll be picked up from Reid International in style, brought to the F1 Paddock (pretty much the center of the action, with teams, owners and media bustling around). You’ll get whisked away to your sick two story, 5,829 square foot palace, featuring room for up to six people, a pool table, fitness room and more. Oh, and there’ll be a big ol’ bottle of Dom and caviar waiting for you. Also waiting for you is 24 hour butler service waiting on your every beck and call.

All six of you will get a delicious dinner at the top rated Delilah, with a menu curated just for you by executive chef Joshua Smith with more Dom waiting for you. You’ll get a round of golf at the prestigious Wynn Golf Club. You’ll even get spa and salon treatments for everyone in your party. Show tickets to the Wynn’s new show Awakening? Yep. Lifetime access to a thing called “Private Access” which is so elite we’ve never heard of it? Sure.

Oh. Yeah. There’s also the race.

You’ll get exclusive access to the red carpet and kick-off party – these are tickets money cannot buy. Literally. The “public” can’t get them. You can though. Because you’re special. You’ll also get VIP access to all of the race week events, including super-elite spots along the track. The Wynn Grid Club inside the Paddock Club is where all the ballers will be, and you. Because you’re a baller too.

Oh, and $100,000 of your cash will go to “local philanthropic efforts” according to the RJ. So you can say you’re charitable too!

At the end of it all, you’ll get luxury transportation back to Reid International, leaving with memories that’ll last a lifetime, and leaving without a million dollars.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are going to see if we can stand on the Bally’s parking garage and steal a peek at the F1 Las Vegas race.