The Clark County School District announced that it will begin hybrid learning for Pre-K to 3rd-grade students on March 1st, according to News 3 NBC.

The hybrid learning model consists of virtual home learning and on-campus learning.

CCSD has not announced a date when other grades will transition to a hybrid learning model but has later plans to do so.

Although the school district is one of the largest in the nation it still directly supports in-campus learning amid the pandemic.

7 Must-Have Things To Survive The Hybrid School Year

1. Mask

Let’s continue to #MaskUpNevada by wearing masks and sending kids to school with their masks on. Masks are relatively cheap and effective against COVID-19, according to the Mayo Clinic. Watch this DIY mask video to create your own.

2. Google Chromebook

With online home learning now getting bunched up with the school year, a laptop, mobile phone, PC or tablet is a must-have thing every student needs. We understand that these devices can be expensive, that’s why CCSD has already said it will be providing students with a Google Chromebook, according to its website.

3. Mechanical pencils

After the war between wooden pencils vs mechanical pencils, the war between which lead was the best for mechanical pencils came, (which is 0.7 by the way)! Mechanical pencils are an essential item because they’re relatively cheap to buy at $3 dollars a packet and don’t require pencil sharpeners. A packet of refills is also cheap that costs about $5 dollars.

4. New threads for the ZOOM calls and on-campus learning

As the old saying goes, dress for success! A new set of clothes for students is important in their lives because it does boost productivity, according to Forbes. Also, it allows adolescents to show off their creative personalities visually.

5. Backpack

In getting all the essential items for school, students need one thing to put everything in. That’s where beloved backpacks come in. Although students will be bouncing back-and-forth between home and on-campus learning they’ll need backpacks to safely travel between the two. Depending on brands, backpacks can vary from $7 – $50 dollars.

6. Notebooks

A pencil’s best friend is paper! Notebooks to write in are absolutely necessary for proper studying, taking notes and working out problems. Packets of notebooks cost about $8 dollars but could be found cheaper when out shopping.

7. Headphones

We get it, sometimes you need to vacuum the house while in the middle of your child’s online lecture. This is where headphones come in to block out any sounds that could distract students from their lectures. These could be bought for $15 – $25 but could be bought cheaper!