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Collective Soul announced they’re bringing their 2023 tour to Las Vegas. The iconic 90’s rock band will be in town for one show only. January 14 at The Pearl Concert Theater at Palms Casino Resort. 

The band line-up hasn’t deviated too much since they started in 1992. The Roland brothers are still leading the way with Will Turpin still on the bass. Why that matters, especially when it comes to the singers, is because you’ll get the sound you expect if you’ve been their fan for a long time.

Here’s the whole line-up for the upcoming show: Ed Roland (lead vocals, keys, guitar), Dean Roland (rhythm guitar), Will Turpin (bass, percussion, backing vocals), Johnny Rabb (drums,  percussion), Jesse Triplett (lead guitar, backing vocals).

Collective Soul didn’t immediately gain popularity when they started. It wasn’t until 1994 when their first hit, Shine, got repeated radio play. That helped the single climb to the top spot on the mainstream rock charts. Their self-titled album released in 1995 proved their first single’s success wasn’t a fluke. Collective Soul (the album) brought The World I Know, December and Where The River Flows to mainstream rock. All three of them landing at #1 on the charts.

Last year Collective Soul released their eleventh studio album, Vibrating. Reviewed by Cryptic Rock, this album is described as punk rock, grinding grunge, poppy, contemporary, bluesy and playful. It sounds like there’s a little bit of everything in this album. Makes sense why Cryptic Rock would review it as “a stand alone powerful return by the band’s founders”.

Collective Soul also released an album, Blood in 2019. So when it comes to the upcoming show at The Palms, there’s plenty of new music to choose from. And it’s a solid bet that the band will play those classic favorites as well. If it’s anything like the shows they’ve done recently, the setlist will look like this. – Wendy Rush

  • 1. Cut The Cord

    From Vibrating (2022).

  • 2. Heavy

    From Dosage (1999).

  • 3. All Our Pieces

    From Vibrating (2022).

  • 4. Shine

    From Hints, Allegations & Things Left Unsaid (1993).

  • 5. Undone

    From Vibrating (2022).

  • 6. Better Now

    From Youth (2004).

  • 7. Bob Dylan Where Are You Today?

    A catchy new tune from Collective Soul. Check out a live performance of it here.

  • 8. The World I Know

    From Collective Soul (1995).

  • 9. Right As Rain

    From Blood (2019).

  • 10. December

    From Collective Soul (1995).

  • 11. The One I Love

    R.E.M. cover with Jade Jackson.

  • 12. Gel

    From Collective Soul (1995).

  • 13. Where The River Flows

    From Collective Soul (1995).

  • 14. Run

    From Dosage (1999).


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