Las Vegas has always been a hot destination for tourists. But now it looks like it’s on even more people’s radar for a permanent stay. recently released a study that showed Las Vegas was high on the most recent list of places people are considering relocating to. This has been happening for a while, but if the most recent findings are any indicator, it’s about to get worse.

The study showed that almost 25% of homebuyers in the United States are still looking to move to less expensive cities. This possible shift in geography comes after record high inflation. Not to mention a pandemic that made working from home the new normal. Giving people a lot more flexibility to work from anywhere.

At the beginning of 2022, the mortgage rates for new home buyers was off the charts, and home prices were at an all time high. The housing market has calmed significantly since then. But there are people still looking to buy. And Redfin‘s study shows they’re looking to buy in different cities. Specifically more affordable ones. This study was released just in October, so the influx into Vegas probably isn’t over yet.

According to Redfin, “of the people who are still buying homes, an unprecedented portion are relocating to new metros. Many are seeking relative affordability as near-7% mortgage rates and persistently high home prices make expensive parts of the country even more expensive.”

So where are these new metros? Certainly people aren’t still rushing to move to Las Vegas. A city that is already struggling with an unprecedented low water-to-citizen ratio. Right?


Las Vegas nearly topped the most-recent list of cities that people are looking to relocate to. Mostly because they can sell their house and buy one here for about half the cost. Not a bad situation if you’re lucky enough to pull that off. The cities with high numbers of people trying to get out of them include Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Boston and Washington D.C.

And here’s the list of top ten places that these people are still looking to move to. Check out where Vegas lands. Looks like traffic is about to get a lot worse.

Wendy Rush, 96.3KKLZ Las Vegas

  • 10. Orlando, FL

    Orlando, Florida, USA Downtown Drone Skyline Aerial.

    Most people looking to relocate to Orlando are coming from New York City.

  • 9. Dallas, TX

    Dallas, Texas, USA downtown city skyline from above over highways.

    There are four cities that Los Angeles residents are looking to escape to. Dallas is one of them.

  • 8. Sarasota, FL

    Going toward Downtown Sarasota from from the Ringling Bridge

    Florida has lots of locations people are flocking to. This one mostly from Chicago.

  • 7. Cape Coral, FL

    Cape Coral Florida Canal At Night

    Chicago residents are also coming to Cape Coral, Fl. And we can’t say we blame them. Look at that view.

  • 6. Phoenix, AZ

    The red sandstone buttes of Papago Park in Phoenix, Arizona after sunset.

    Another city Los Angeles residents are leaving home for is Phoenix, AZ. Kinda looks like another city I know…

  • 5. Tampa, FL

    Downtown of Tampa.  Tampa, Florida, USA.

    In spite of the recent hurricane nonsense, people are still loving the idea of living in Florida. Most people going to Tampa are from New York.

  • 4. San Diego, CA

    Overview from hillsides of San Diego Skyline on the edge of San Diego Bay with all it's boats anchored in the water.

    The third city Los Angeles residents are moving to. Any guess as to what the last one is?

  • 3. Miami, FL

    The sun sets with magnificent colors from Miami Beach with the skyline of the city of Miami in frame behind it. Yellow and orange tones on display

    “Welcome to Miami” is what many a New Yorker are hearing these days.

  • 2. Las Vegas, NV

    Aerial view of Las Vegas strip in Nevada as seen at night USA

    If you guessed our lovely Las Vegas was the final city on the list that Los Angeles residents are moving to, you’d be right. We’re not saying you can’t come, but could you bring some water with you? That’d be great.

  • 1. Sacramento, CA

    Drone shot of Sacramento

    And the number one city that most homebuyers are looking to relocate to…I know…we were surprised too. But it’s mostly those from San Francisco. Which makes sense. Close to home, far from San Fran prices.

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