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The Mike & Carla Morning Show

Las Vegas' first Super Bowl will be here before you know it!

Prop betting on the Super Bowl is one of America’s favorite pastimes, and as usual, you can bet on just about ANYTHING related to the game.

They’re called “Prop” or proposition bets, and there’s a bunch of fun ones this year. And there are a few new and different ones, because of one particular pop artist. Oh hush. You didn’t complain when you saw Jack Nicholson, or Spike Lee, or Matthew McConaughey at games, so you just stop!

You Can Thank William “Refrigerator” Perry For Prop Bets

So when did prop bets start and why? Well the “why?” is pretty simple really: MORE money to be made by sportsbooks in Las Vegas

Now the “when:” Prop bets began in 1986. Las Vegas oddsmakers introduced a new form of betting before Super Bowl XX. The Lines explains in depth about the first prop be: Whether William “Refrigerator” Perry would score a Touchdown.

Perry was called on to carry the ball, and he scored a touchdown! It cemented his place in Super Bowl history., and literally made him a legend.

The Bears defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan called Perry a wasted draft pick, and refused to play him, Perry became a fan favorite in Chicago, where he was known for his playful personality and infectious smile. Oh, and let’s not forget that Superbowl Shuffle (Or maybe we should). Settle down Bears fans – your time will come again.

Prop Bets Mean A Lot More Money For Sports Books – Of Course

The goal of prop bets was obviously to provide a way to attract more casual bettors to place bets on the Super Bowl. But in more ways than just the final score, and point spread.

According to Legal Sports Reports, Super Bowl LVIII betting projections are expected to reach a record $1.3 billion dollars in legal US betting markets. That’s not counting all the illegal (as a Las Vegas resident, I say that jokingly) office pools, and little squares you’re picking.

Prop betting is hugely popular. And it seems to get more popular each year. Especially since the teams playing are often the same, so prop bets are just more fun. And this year, well – Taylor Swift.

Here are some fun, and goofy novelty “prop bets” you can actually place on the two lovebirds. That is, IF she makes it, and makes it on time.

Chiefs fans are loving it! Niners fans? Well…

  • WIll Travis Kelce propose to Taylor after the game?

    We know he probably wouldn’t do it after a loss, and the Chiefs are the underdogs – which means nothing. They had a less than stellar season leading up to the Super Bowl – and here the are. Again! Odds on a proposal: Yes +1060, No – 3000.

    Travis Kelce holding trophy





  • Will Taylor Be SHown During The National Anthem?

    She’s a singer, watching and listening to another singer. Good bet she will be shown. Odds: Yes – 200, No +150. Number of times she will be shown during the Anthem? Over 1.5 – 110, Under 1.5 – +110. Personal opinion? Yep!. But just once. Don’t yell at me if I’m wrong.

    Taylor swift whisper something in Donna Kelce's ear


  • Recieving Yards For Tavis Kelce

    Most have Kelce at about 69 to 70 yards. Your over/under varies, depending on where you place the bet. But it’s a real bet for you football fans.

    Patrick Mahomes passes to Travis Kelce

  • Kelce Yardage On Longest Reception

    Most have Kelce at 20.5 to 21.5. You’re the football fan, so you decide. Some say he hasn’t had the best season, but something has worked – because he’s at the Super Bowl.

    TRavis Kelce catching a pass

  • Will Travis And Taylor Get Married By June 1, 2025

    This writer says yes! I do believe they will get married, and do it by June 2025. They are both very family oriented, and it seems important to them. So go for it T and T! Oddsmakers say: Yes +150, No -200. Place your bets – then wait…

    Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

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