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Cricket new to 2028 LA Olympics

Five new sports have been added to the Olympics for 2028, in L.A.

There have been some odd, and unusual Olympic sports that have been in an out of the Olympics over time. And some different  and unusual sports being considered, and added, as we speak.

Odd Olympic Sports Over The Ages:

The Biathlon has always been an interesting pairing of two sports: Skiing, and shooting. Two totally different mindsets – let’s put them together! Totally zen cross country skiing, and then they shoot targets to shreds! 

Croquet, tug-of-war, poodle clipping, town planning (according to – yes, I said town planning – they were all once Olympic sports. But the one that just might be the most fun to watch, is the one you used to do as kids: Race walking. When you would race your friend to a particular point, but ‘no running.’ So you’d walk, arms flailing, as fast as you could!

New Sports Being Considered For Future Olympics

Pole Fitness has become very popular as a workout. So have Pole Fitness Competitions. There is a big push from competitors to get this into the Olympics. If you have seen Pole Fitness teachers and pros, there is a lot of strength and a lot of acrobatics involved. 

Pickleball is probably one of the fastest growing sports. I wouldn’t doubt if one day this racquet sport might be in the Olympics. Tennis, badminton, ping-pong (table tennis in the Olympics).

The 2024 Olympics are just around the corner, and the Paris backdrop looks to be spectacular, from the preview we saw at the end of the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Breakdancing And Cricket Are Coming To An Olympics Near You:

The Paris Olympics will feature some new sports: Skateboarding, surfing, sport climbing, and breaking – better known to us as break-dancing. Which you’d think might have made it in back in the 90’s. 

There will also be five sports added to the 2028 Olympics, in Los Angeles, according to the International Olympic Committee. Two are new, three have come and gone – and now they are back!

  • Cricket

    I wish I could tell you exactly how it is played. After watching some, it appears to be a combination of Baseball, and a tag relay on field day. I’m sure we will all learn more when we see it, and get all into. Just like we did with curling.

    Cricket player in yellow uniform swing hard

  • Flag Football

    Brand new to the Olympics! So many kids, and adults are playing. The NFL even played the Pro Bowl game in Las Vegas this year as a flag football game, and it was a lot of fun to watch. I’m thinking you might possibly see some NFL players on flag football teams.

    Jason Sehorn and Eric Allen tackle Eric Dickerson during a flag football game February 10 before the 2006 Pro Bowl

  • LaCrosse

    I’ve fallen in love with indoor LaCrosse, because of the Las Vegas Desert Dogs. But indoor and outdoor LaCrosse are a bit different. It’s rough, but so much fun to watch!

    Professional LaCrosse game being played


  • Squash

    I used to play a lot of racquetball back in high school and college. I was good at it, and I loved it. I tried playing Squash, but didn’t like it as well. Mainly because of the big difference between the two: in Squash, you cannot use the ceiling. Which in racquetball, can be a game changer. There are also a lot more rules to learn in Squash. In the 2028 Olympics, we will learn them.

    Professional squash being played


  • Baseball/Softball

    We’ve seen Baseball and Softball in the Olympics before, but they both came and went. I’ll assume since the 2028 Olympics are in Los Angeles, these two prominently American games are being added. USA, USA!

    Houston Astor player hits a fly ball

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