Blueberry and nerd-candy covered churros, raspberry jam cookies, cardamom cold brew and macaroons with lemon curd filling.

Did we get your attention yet?

Disneyland unveiled some of its newest kitchen concoctions, and we had the opportunity to test them out!

Food lovers across the country flock to Disneyland Resorts to try their innovative and creative cuisine, which often gives the eater more than a flavorful adventure, but an experience as well.

Eating at Disneyland can be overwhelming because there are simply too many amazing options to choose from. And this is where we step in!

We were able to have a sneak peak of the newest food items that are available at Disneyland.

And Disney is no stranger to creativity and originality when it comes to food. “Tale of the Lion King” inspired the culinary team at Disneyland to create culinary delights that were authentic to the movie’s regional setting, which is in Africa. Each of the new foods’ inspirations are rooted within the original flavor, spices and essence from the region.

Berbere spiced popcorn, chicken-coconut curry sweet potato and “Hakuna Matata Sweets” were just a few out of the many Lion King-inspired treats that were unveiled this past weekend.

There were also new foods that were created due to the 50th anniversary of the “Main Street Electrical Parade!”

Due to the parade being a procession of floats draped in endless strings of sparkling lights, the food had to reflect this as well.

Chefs created unique dishes such as a mine cart brownie covered in glittery sprinkles and a decadent frosting. The culinary team also created interesting churro flavors, which are a staple food within the diet of Disneyland connoisseurs. And endless biscuits — such as a Cheshire cat, strawberry-glazed linzier cookie and a honey buttercream with lemon curd macaron — were also reveled as part of the park’s newest edition to the dessert family.

Here are some of our favorite Disneyland snacks that you MUST try on your next trip. Enjoy!

  • Pride Rock Punch and Cardamom Cold Brew

    Pride Rock Punch and Cardamom Cold Brew

    Pride Rock Punch: Gold Peak Tea, pineapple, mango, tamarind and orange juice.

    Cardamom Cold Brew: Cold brew coffee, brown sugar and cardamom over ice.

  • Hakuna Matata Sweets

    Hakuna Matata Sweets

  • Berbere Spiced Popcorn and Plantain Chips

    Berbere Spiced popcorn and Plantain chips

  • See The Newest Foods At Disneyland Inspired By The Lion King

  • New Disneyland Cuisine Inspired By Main Street Electrical Parade

  • Blueberry Looks Good On You Churro

    Blueberry churro

    Blueberry-flavored sugar-dusted churro with a blueberry cheesecake dipping sauce.

  • Chicken-Coconut Curry Sweet Potato

    Chicken-Coconut Curry Sweet Potato

  • Parade Confetti Bundt Cake

    Parade Bundt Cakes

  • Electrical Parade Macaron

    Parade Macarons

  • Parade Dreams Churro

    Parade Dreams Churro

  • Cheshire Cat Linzier Cookie

    Cheshire Cat Linzer Cookie

  • Disneyland Apple Pie Carmel Apples

    Disneyland Apple Pie Carmel Apples

    Although these items are not new, we felt this one and the next item were too amazing to not share.

  • Baby Yoda Carmel Apple

    Baby Yoda Carmel Apple

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