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Las Vegas is most overrated tourist attractions

You planned out your big yearly vacation, so the whole family can see some sights, and some history. But are you just going to be disappointed?

Las Vegas Is One Of The Most Overrated Tourist Attractions In America

Yes, Las Vegas is one of the worst on this list of tourist attractions. But what about the nightlife, and the shows, and the gambling!

The allure of Las Vegas still makes it one of the most popular tourist visits in the world. But not everyone gambles, and parties all night. And most of the shows are unaffordable. So it just might make you feel “meh” when you leave. And possibly think that maybe you just should have kept going to Disneyland, and the  beaches of SoCal. Or maybe just visit fun Aunt Viv in Paducah.

According to Via Travelers, the entire city of is completely and totally overrated.

Most people want to have some fun, and relax on vacation. As a Las Vegas resident, I can tell you it’s hard to do when you’re a tourist in Vegas. Especially on the strip. It’s over the top, expensive, and not real relaxing Because there is a huge amount of people at any given event, and venue. Even those relaxing pools are packed, and overflowing with people.

Las Vegas’ nickname is Sin City. That alone doesn’t make it real appealing for a family vacation. And it is not necessarily a family friendly town. Unless families enjoy the half drunk tourists wandering the Vegas Strip, and tacky “street performers.” Like KISS in bottomless chaps, or showgirls whose feathers should have stayed on the bird they came off of. If that’s not your thing, it’s likely to be a bust for a family vacation.

Las Vegas is, however, a great place to take it outdoors. Hiking, bike riding, boating, kayaking. – there is a lot of landscape to explore AWAY from the strip. But it is definitely well worth it, because it really is beautiful. And there are tons of trails to explore.

A study ranked the most overrated tourist attractions in America. Aside from Las Vegas – LANDING AT NUMBER TWO – these  tourist attractions also got a big thumbs down

The Best Of The Worst Tourist Attractions

If you feel like you wasted your time at some of these tourist stops in America, you’re probably not alone.

  • Mt. Rushmore - Keystone, S.D.

    Mt. Rushmore appears to be one  probably the most overrated tourist attractions, to many people. It’s a lot smaller than you think. And that’s it – you see it, and leave. No questioning these were great men, and they were larger than life. But the actual mountain doesn’t seem like it. Definitely a bit of a disappointment. And a long drive, or flight, to see – then walk away from.

    Mt Rushmore one of most overrated tourist attractions

  • Plymouth Rock - Plymouth, MA.

    Plymouth Rock is supposedly where the Pilgrims first set foot. I’m not one to question history, but who really knows? I DO know that this rock, is just that – a rock. It’s a big boulder rock, but not much to it. Used to be bigger, but over time, and moving it, it has chipped away. You hope for some handprints, a kernel of corn, piece of a buckle hat, but no. Just a big rock.

    Plymouth rock memorial tourist attraction

  • Lombard Street - San Francisco, CA.

    No doubt the street is very unusual, and definitely worth seeing. But chances are, you will wait in a lot of traffic to drive very slowly down this hill, and its hairpin turns – and it is till over quick! You’ve seen it in a lot of movies, and on TV, and you want to see. So try to go early in the day. Then go see the real beauty – Golden Gate Bridge!

    Lombard Street in San Francisco

  • The Hollywood Walk Of Fame - Hollywood, CA.

    Once a must see for film buffs, lovers of all things Hollywood. Used to be a must see because of tall the glitz, and glamour. It’s now kind of run down and dilapidated. Tacky gift shops, and people dressed in character, wanting you to pay them for a picture. No thanks. As much as I appreciate celebrities, and their contributions to entertainment, it’s definitely not the must do and see it once was. Not to mention, does the Chevy Suburban – an SUV – really deserve a star on the walk of fame? Well – it has one!

    Shrek and Mike Myers on the Hollywood Wal of Fame


  • Bourbon Street - New Orleans. LA.

    Tacky, tacky, tacky. And a bit smelly. The Las Vegas strip of the south. New Orleans has an amazing history, but it was a let down to me. Some good restaurants, but I wouldn’t make a special trip to go for that. There are good restaurants everywhere. But if you like decent restaurants, with the smell of humidity and urine wafting through – go for it!

    Partiers on Bourbon Street in New Orleans


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