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It’s International Women’s Day 2023!

I often hear people say how great it is that women support other women. They definitely do – right up until they don’t.

We’ve seen evidence of that lately, with the bold statements made on social media about Madonna over the past few weeks, and the changes in her appearance. Madonna, and many women, have changed the appearance of their faces – perhaps because they have been told they have to look a certain way by society.

Sadly, I don’t know that this will ever really change. Have we really “come a long way, baby?” I mean, we’ve all been guilty of it at some point.
As a female comedian, I learned that people will pick apart your appearance very early on.  But because of the strongest woman in the world – my mom – and other strong women in my life (and my father-who truly believed that women rule the world), I also learned to look past this pretty early on, and became secure with who I am, and what I do.
As women, we’ve had to plow through so much judgment, and so many stereotypes. But that has only made us stronger through the ages.
At this point in the article you’re probably wondering “where the hell is she going with this?“
I’m not really going anywhere in particular but to say to women everywhere, that it’s not about your lips, hips, or ass -or anything else to do with your appearance. It’s about who you are, what you’ve done, and what you continue to do everyday!
Women in the US, and throughout the world, still have a lot of obstacles thrown at them everyday. And there are still great strides to be made in the way of equality, fairness, and acceptance. But today we celebrate the strides we have made.
So today, on International Women’s Day, celebrate those women in your life who shaped you, and made you who you are. And women – celebrate those things in your life that you have done, and the person you have become. Celebrate YOU!
And now indulge me as I tritely comment on a few things that are not made with women in mind, but should be –
-Carla Rea

  • Pockets

    For the love of god – could we get REAL pockets? We get pockets that are about an inch deep in jeans, and in other pants, or nice slacks – we get a FAKE pocket!

    International Womans Day

    Photo: triocean via Getty Images

  • Massage Tables

    Perhaps a couple of – ahem – breast holes? We know some of you guys would appreciate that, too.

    International Women's Day

    Photo: iStock via Getty Images Plus

  • Tools, gardening equipment, and cooking knives

    How about some that are just designed for people with smaller hands and grips.  In many cases, the tools geared toward women are just pink. And they aren’t actually made any differently.

    International women's day

    Photo: Meeko Media Via Getty Images




    omen’s day

  •  Fitness bicycles with wider seats for women

    You can buy bikes with seats designed for women, but I’m talking about gyms, spin classes, city bikes, etc. Again – don’t tell me guys wouldn’t want in on this too!

    International Women's Day

    Photo: kurkul via Getty Images


  • Comfort and safety in cars.

    Seatbelts that fit a little more naturally for women – particularly those with a little more up top.  And utilizing crash test dummies with women’s body types – including pregnant ones – for automotive testing.

    International Women's Day

    Photo: nicoletainescu via Getty Images

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