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Dangerous dog breeds according to insurance companies

Getting a puppy, or a dog, is just the best, right? But you might want to make sure your new furry family member isn’t on THAT list.

Is Your Dog One Of The Blacklisted Dog Breeds

Friends of mine bought a house recently. When they went to do their homeowners insurance, the agent told them their Chow Chow dog was one of the blacklisted dogs, according to insurance.

It’s part of the American dream: Buying a house, having children, getting a dog. And playing with Fido non stop, or taking him on walks in the neighborhood. Look at the kids gathering around for pictures, and selfies with your four legged friend. Uh-oh – Fido doesn’t like that kid, Oh, no! A cat! Now the American Dream is a bit of a nightmare.

They Are Not Bad Dogs, They Just Have Bad Tendencies

ANY dog can bite, so you always have to be careful. My vet once told me that dogs are like people: WE don’t like very person we meet, and dogs don’t like every dog they meet.

Sometimes even animal lovers don’t want to believe it, but there are some very dangerous dog breeds out there. And they can – and have – caused cause serious damage to people, and even their owners.

A dear friend of mine had the cutest little white Bichon Frise, Jack. Such a sweet dog – until he wasn’t. Jack bit several people over the years, and his owners took care of several people’s medical bills as well. You just never know, with any dog!

You could be in for a surprise if your insurance company asks if you have dogs, and what breed they are. Why would they need to know that?

It’s Not The Dog, It’s The Statistics

Actuaries analyze and collect data. And they use that info to calculate insurance risks, and premium costs. There are a lot of dog breeds that are risky for insurance companies. If insurance asks, and you don’t tell the breed, or don’t say you have a dog, that could be bad.

If your dog bites, or injures someone, insurance can say NOPE to paying the claim, because you lied.

And if it’s one of the breeds that is considered risky, you might end up paying more and if you’re a renter, you could be turned down for an apartment or even be evicted. Especially if you get a dog after you rent. Pet policies are really specific for different sizes and breeds of dogs at a lot of apartments.

Here are some dog breeds, according to Forbes, that have a bad reputation when it comes to insurance. They’re not bad dogs, they are just considered risky when it comes to your insurance company. This is not to say that these breeds bite more than others. Their bite is just much more dangerous than say, a chihuahua.

  • Doberman Pinschers

    Dobermans were bred to fight, so they can be aggressive. They’ve even been known to turn on their owner occasionally. Don’t blame insurance companies for any of these – these are just the facts. Actuaries break it down, just like smokers vs non-smokers, medical history, etc, when it comes to health insurance. Boring – but true.

    A Doberman Pinscher in a blue and white scarf

  • Rottweiler

    They make great guard dogs, but they are very strong, and very powerful. According to Mental Floss, the Rottweiler has a bite force that is half of a Great White Shark’s bite force. Basically, really powerful.

    A Rottweiler on a leash, sitting

  • Pit Bull

    Pit Bulls are, unfortunately, judged by the worst examples. And they are a dog that has been overbred, sadly. They have a jaw that locks, so they don’t just bite, and release. They hang on.

    Pitbull with a green tennis ball in mouth

  • Akita

    Beautiful dogs – but they have a tendency to bite. says that male to male dog attacks with Akitas are very common. And female Akitas don’t do well with other females.

    Akita dog in the snow

  • Chow Chow

    Chows are the cutest and fluffiest dogs! I’ve known a few of them, and they are so sweet. But they are not really a fan of small children. Little ones have a tendency to want to pet them, since they are so darned fluffy. Keep your fingers to yourself to save them.

    Tan Chow Chow dog standing in a field

  • German Shepherd

    Everyone’s favorite police officer! This lovely breed of dog is a part of Police K-9 units for a reason. They are beautiful dogs but they have large mouths, and very sharp teeth. Hence, the padding that is worn while training them.

    German Shepherd dog lying on grass

  • Mastiff

    There are many dogs that are considered protectors for the same reason – their teeth and jaws. My vet once told me that the force of a dog bite is measured in PSI (pounds per square inch). A high PSI when it comes to a dog bit can be fatal. Pet Keen has a list of breeds and their PSI bite force. YIKES!

    Close up of Mastiff dog with lake behind him

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