Wendy Rush

Unhealthy foods don’t just damage our hearts and liver. Our brain suffers too when we don’t watch what we eat.

It’s no secret that we’re supposed to avoid foods that are overly sugary, fatty or deep fried. And for most of us, we see weight gain as a direct result of not eating healthy. But there are a lot more health issues that happen under the surface when we’re being careless with our diet.

And those issues get worse as we get older.

Parts of our brain actually shrink as we get older. That’s why old age is often associated with things like memory loss or trouble learning new skills. So avoiding foods that cause damage to our brain is even more vital in our later years.

In fact, some foods are so bad for you that they actually accelerate this aging process. That increases the risk for brain associated diseases like Alzheimer’s or dementia. Other issues like sleep apnea have also been associated with an unhealthy diet.

And some of these unhealthy foods are marketed as healthy.

You’ll see in our list below a few surprises that you may have thought were healthy. Like the fish or the margarine. Remember when margarine was commercialized as a healthier substitute to butter? According to huffpost.com, it’s actually worse for us. Or how about fish? We know fish is a great source for vital Omega-3 vitamins, but not all fish are created equal. And some are pretty bad for our brains.

And don’t get me started on diet sodas! Sure they may keep sugar out of the system and fat off the waistline, but what they’re doing to the brain is in no way worth it.

Here are other foods that you should consume very rarely or avoid altogether if you want to keep your brain (and body) healthier. – Wendy Rush

  • Nutmeg

    nutmeg isolated on white background

    You know that challenge that went around several years back where people had to eat spoonfuls of cinnamon? Well you definitely won’t want to do that with nutmeg. Just two teaspoons of the stuff can cause a fever, hallucinations and loss of consciousness. It’s still okay in small quantities.

  • French Fries

    friing potatos in fryier  for french fries

    Not to kill your buzz, but yeah. French Fries are literally one of the worst things you can eat. Fatty foods damage the blood vessels that go to the brain. This leads to damage of the hippocampus, which is where we do all of our learning and memory functions.

  • Green Potatoes

    Sunlight and warmth turn potatoes skin green witch contain high levels of a toxin, solanine which can cause sickness and is poisonous. Do not buy and eat green potatoes! Heap on sackcloth.

    When potatoes over ripen, they turn green and form their own version of pesticide. Eating these cause nausea, headaches, and neurological problems. Also, just one can make even an adult ill. Consuming green potatoes in high quantities can actually be fatal. And cooking the potatoes does not make it safe to eat. Throw them away.

  • Vegetable Oil

    Oil in water

    Surprise! This one sucks because so many foods that we eat use vegetable oils. These oils include canola and safflower oil. And if you’re buying olive oil from the store, it’s not guaranteed you’re being healthy. Olive oil that is processed is just as bad as vegetable oil. So check your labels. And note that fast foods are made with a lot of these oils.

    These oils cause inflammation in the brain and increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes.

  • Margarine

    spreading margarine butter onto bread

    According to the Huffington Post, margarine is one of the foods you should completely avoid. Margarine contains trans fats that make your brain’s blood vessels constrict, which has been linked to higher risks for dementia.

  • Breads and Cereals Fortified With Iron

    20 bowls with cornflakes, kashi, cereals and berries. the concept of breakfast food. flat lay, top view

    I know. Another surprising bummer. A lot of foods, especially grains, are packaged with the label that reads “iron fortified”, like it’s healthy. But the iron used is the kind that’s actually toxic for the brain. Too much iron fortified food is another risk factor for Alzheimer’s and dementia.

    And avoid giving it to your child as it’s linked to brain development issues in kids. So check the label next time you’re buying the kids cereal or bread.

  • Cheap Supplements

    Tablets or pills spilling out of a brown glass medicine bottle, iron

    Just like the iron-fortified grains, cheap iron supplements are usually pumping the wrong kind of iron into your brain. If you’re buying supplements, check the label and invest in the healthier brands.

  • Soda, Even Diet

    man pours a fizzy drink.sparkling water.cool ice soft drink cola

    While this one has always been known as something we should avoid, maybe it’s not so clear why. It’s not just the sugar in sodas that we need to avoid. Both regular and diet soda have a chemical put in them that helps them avoid molding. That same chemical jacks up our brain and causes things like sleep loss, memory problems and brain fog.

    When it comes to the sweeteners, both the regular soda’s fructose and the diet soda’s aspartame can damage the brain. Fructose causes insulin resistance and aspartame blocks neurotransmitters, which has been linked to depression, dementia and strokes.

  • Some Breeds Of Fish

    seared tuna steak with microgreen as garnish

    I know, right?!? We thought fish was good for us. Many are. But the ones high in mercury can kill brain cells and cause nerve damage. So avoid breeds like catfish, bluefish, grouper, ahi tuna, orange roughy, mackerel and swordfish.

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