The Mike & Carla Morning Show

The Mike & Carla Morning Show

If you don’t already know, I do a Facebook Live every weekday morning around 5:30 a.m., right before the Mike and Carla Morning Show starts.

It has a great following, and I am humbled that so many people tune in to chat each morning. And they’ve been there each and every morning for a long time.

Carla’s Facebook Live Meet Up Was Like a Taylor Swift Concert — T Shirts and All!

It all started about eight years ago. I’d do a video and post it on Facebook. Because there was no live video. Then, along came Facebook live, and I was now able to talk to a bunch of people in real time.

At first it was a lot of Las Vegas locals and friends from Reno. Then,  New York, Atlanta, Detroit, St. Louis started to join. Then European countries like Ireland and England started to pop up in my viewers. Then came Australia and Israel.

This past weekend, I was able to get together with some of these amazingly fun Facebook live-ers. 

They wore T-shirts they had made — in Taylor Swift “Swiftie” fashion. They all said “Rea-niacs: Jokes, laugh, repeat.”  I was rather blown away. (Yet I still don’t know where to buy one. Lol!) I wore my #CarlaBoobs shirt.

When And Why They Facebook Live

April and her bestie use to come see me at Catch a Rising Star comedy club at Bally’s (now Horseshoe). Then listened during my talk-radio days on Hot Talk 105.1 here in Las Vegas.

Dona, April’s Mom, is a kick. She saw the Rolling Stones when she was a kid and then took her children to see them later in life. She saw them again when they were in Las Vegas a couple years ago.

Dona and April did homemade fudge and chocolate chip cookie deliveries during the pandemic. This is why I run.

Kathy R. knew me from my Channel 3 days and comedy. She lived in Las Vegas for several years then she and husband, Ed ,moved back home to St. Louis. She still tunes in to the Facebook Live every morning!

Ed R. tunes in because he’s always building something, somewhere. So he gets a good laugh while working — hopefully. 

Kathy said something so nice. She said that it was so lonely during the pandemic that it was just nice to talk to someone during that time! It was as close to people as we could get at the time. 

Barbi has been tuning in, showing up to donate water, and has helped out with so many things over the years. And for that, and for her, we are grateful.

Tiffany and I officially met at Paws in the Park 2022. She had a new little pooch, well at the time he was fresh and new! We were discussing the old days when you just get a dog, and everything was easy. Dogs are so domesticated now that they seem to have human-like issues.

Marina is our Boston transplant and traveler. Hopefully when we retire, we can be like Boston Marina and hit the road as often as possible. She’s loving life — and tunes in wherever she is.

The Number One Reason To Tune In

Because it’s a great way to start your morning. Thank you gang, it was pleasure!

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