Back To School

I’m not even going to lie about it. I have a school supply problem. Meaning I love buying school supplies.

Do I need that 25 cent box of Crayons? No. Do I want them? Yes.

And though the days of Gel Pens and Trapper Keepers are long gone in the eyes of the kids breaching the confines of their 10-year high school reunions, there’s still some school supplies that will never go out of style, and some new-fangled gadgets that kids will feign for.

Just please, no fidget spinners.



Okay, certainly you don’t want to give an Elementary School Student some permanent markers. Common sense here PEOPLE. But Sharpies help with projects, creating poster boards, doodling, and marking your territory on every-little-thing they can. Just make sure that your kids know not to draw on their shoes. *Waves a guilty hand*

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I’ll say this: There’s nothing better than a fresh notebook. Now, you can go for the long haul and get the high priced, decorated notebooks, but there’s something to be said if you’ve got a creative kid. You can get cheap 19 cent-ers, and they can decorate them with stickers, magazine covers, and hey, you know those Sharpies I mentioned? Perfect use for them. If you’re on that budget, it’s best to get the cheaper notebooks anyway, because honestly, it’s all just paper. I know you can’t tell your teenage daughter that when she wants the crazy patterned notebook for $6, but trust me. It’s going to be okay.

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Bic Pens

Now, when it comes to pens, you don’t want to skimp on these. Reason being, writing utensils are very important. For the student who always loses pens, instead of picking up a 3-pack of something expensive, buy in bulk. Get a full box of pens, 12 count or more, that way your student has the same pens no matter how many they lose. Plus it’s going to be more cost effective in the long run versus having to replace those fancy clicky ones with the grips on them. I noted Bic pens especially because they are quality for the price when it comes to bulk.



Now, I know I said the Trapper Keeper was dead. But part of the reason for that is the fact that students schedules are set up a lot stranger than they used to be, where days are split apart by class brackets and you’re not always in the same class every day. For the student that lives that, multiple binders which have designated dividers are going to be the most helpful to keep your student organized. And if they choose to keep it all in one binder, those dividers are going to make it the easiest, separating them by classes. There are also binder inserts that you can purchase that create folders inside the binder itself, versus buying multiple folders, and having to find the right size folder for the right thing. Trust me on this one, you’ll thank me later.


The Right Backpack

Depending on what grade your student is in, there’s nothing more important than the packaging. Is your student taking tons of core classes, or more electives? Are they in band, or are they an artist? Choosing their backpack based on the things they are interested in is important, especially if they are allowed to bring their backpacks to class. Having multiple pockets, some place where they can stick their lunch or a pocket for their supplies is going to cut cost on having to buy multiple containers and lunch boxes if you set them up for success. I will also suggest, as chic as Messenger Bags are, for a student in school for 8 hours a day that’s switching classes, it’s not the best for their back to have a messenger bag carrying multiple books all day long. One that lands on your back is going to be your best bet. And don’t be the parent that gets their kid the rolly backpack. It’s just begging for teasing.

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Amy Cooper is a lifetime student because no matter what she’s doing, she’s always learning new things. 

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