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Remember earlier in the year when we thought we were getting back to normal life? Well, looks like we might have to wait a little longer. Thanks to the new Omicron variant, things are sporadically shutting down and reopening, parties are being canceled again… Life is one big improv scene these days. Las Vegas is still hosting some New Year’s Eve celebration for locals and tourists alike. But if you’d rather hang at home again this year, here are some ideas to make it memorable.


    It’s widely known that breakfast food is acceptable any time of the day. So it should stand to reason that brunch follows the same rules. And I don’t know about you, but counting down the minutes to food actually might be more exciting than counting down to fireworks. Especially brunch food! Deviled eggs, French Toast, Ham and Cheese Quiches…is it midnight yet?

    If you need some ideas for what to serve at your Midnight Brunch, you can’t go wrong with ideas from Bobby Flay’s cookbook. I dare you not to drool…




    The pandemic has made us change our thinking when it comes to how we do a night “out”. If you’re staying home this year to socially distance, or just because you’ve found the joy in entertaining at home, backyard camping checks all the boxes. Invite some friends to bring a tent to pitch in your yard (or whoever has the biggest one), grab a fire pit or charcoal grill, and have at it. You don’t even have to do the sleeping part outside if there’s no room for a tent(or it’s too cold!). Just hang out ’til midnight and then fall asleep in your cozy bed. You can even throw some sleeping bags down in the living room and call it a day (or night).

    Don’t forget these camping must-haves:


    [Jenny Williams] via Shutterstock


    [Peera] / [stockfoto] via Shutterstock


    [Zaitsava Olga] via Shutterstock 

    And, if you want to make it a little extra fancy for New Year’s, add some STRING LIGHTS!

    [funkyteddy] via Shutterstock


    New Year’s resolutions are so last year. But seriously, who really does those anymore? Instead of empty goal-setting, why not start off the New Year with a new wardrobe! Well, not a whole one, but maybe a few “new-to-you” items from your closest friends. Invite your best pals over (it doesn’t have to be all women, men like clothes too) and have them bring some things from their closet that they don’t wear anymore. Spend the hours before midnight trying things on and having a mini fashion show. Do the count down in your new threads and start 2022 with some fun new clothes.

    This doesn’t have to stop at clothes either. Home goods, shoes, accessories…anything that needs a new life can be brought along!



    Ever wonder who invented the potluck? Probably some procrastinator or someone who forgot they were supposed to host a party until the last minute. I love potlucks because it doesn’t put all the weight on one person to host a dinner. And what a great idea for New Year’s Eve when you’ve surely got more things to plan than just the food. Gather your closest friends and family and assign everyone a category of food to bring. You can worry about the decorations and the drinks!

    And here’s the cool part about potlucks…you can theme them! Why not invite everyone to bring their favorite cuisine, each from different parts of the world? Or everyone can bring a few of their favorite burgers and fries from takeout joints and you can cut them into quarters and see what everyone else is into. Not to mention get the chance to sample some potential new go-to restaurants. Anyone into fondue? The host can provide the cheese and chocolate and the guests could bring their food of choice to dip. The possibilities are limitless.

    And since you’re hosting but don’t have to worry about the food, you can go a little more overboard on the decor…one of my favorite things to add to a dinner like this are mini chalkboards (available at the dollar store) to write the name of the food on. Adorable and informative!

    [aaleenaf] via Shutterstock


    Okay THIS is one of my favorite ideas for ringing in the New Year. Who doesn’t love a spa day at home? And doing it with three or four of your girlfriends (or guys too…there’s lots of couples spa stuff out there) is even better. Invite everyone to bring their favorite spa products (masks, candles, massagers, etc) and spend the evening relaxing and rejuvenating. You know how you always feel amazing the day after a spa treatment? Doesn’t sound like a terrible way to start 2022.

    Make sure to set the scene before your guests arrive with lighting, relaxing music, and try this diffuser for aromatherapy:


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