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Did we actually learn anything of use in high school? I mean, real life skills?

High school is that place where we are supposed to learn everything we are going to need in life, right? It’s supposed to be the place where we start finding ourselves, and figure out what it is we want to do with the next fifty, or so, years of our lives.

Most high school’s curriculum do a decent job with basic math and literacy. But a lot of people graduate high school, and then spend the next several years slowly realizing, “Holy crap – high school left me totally unprepared  for real life!”

How do credit cards really work? What does buying a house involve? Down payment, homeowners insurance,  property tax – what??? And you still don’t know that you can’t wash the whites with everything else!

There’s a reason the term “Adulting” has come to be loathed. So many of us leave school and go out into the world, only to discover we were never taught some of the basic life skills that we need, to simply be successful people.

But this goes beyond basic how to’s, addition, subtraction, and dangling participles (look it up).

Sometimes you need more than bare-bones training. You need the context, and soft skills that are not found anywhere in textbooks. Very luckily, we live in a world that allows us to somewhat take control of our education, and continued lifelong learning.

Schools have a tall order when it comes to preparing kids for adulthood. These are some basic life skills that we SHOULD be able to fit in somewhere, so that kids have them at least by the time they leave home. But alas – NO.

Here are several things you should’ve learned in high school, but most likely didn’t.  Thank god for YouTube – I think you’ll like these!

-Carla Rea


  • How to split complicated bills at a restaurant

  • The true cost of home ownership and mortgages.

  • How to calculate compound interest

  • Leasing a car is a bad idea

  • Understanding the concept of opportunity cost.. It's complicated....

  • How to build your credit

  • Time management

  • What to do if you are pulled over. If you've never been here are the basics

  • The art of haggling and negotiation. This is good!

  • How to give a compliment. Many people just don't know how...

  • The real definition of consent. The video may seem entirely too simple, but it makes the point!

  • Basic cooking skills. Remember: if you can read, you can cook!

  • Hydration. - it's literally LIFE!

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