Larry Martino

Larry Martino

Today is the first official day of spring, and many of us choose this time of year to do a deep spring cleaning on our homes. It seems to be the best time to get both the indoor and outdoor portions of our homes ready for the months where we enjoy warmer temperatures.

Creating A Spring Cleaning “To-Do” List

But where to begin? After a long winter stuck indoors when we are less active, we may have put off many of our regular cleaning chores. Maybe we have let clutter build up in some of our rooms, closets, storage units, or in the garage. If you own or rent a house, those backyard patios, patio furniture, barbecue grills and driveways have been ignored for months now.

Indoors, there are always overlooked surfaces that need our attention. Light fixtures, base boards, ceiling corners, door frames – these are surfaces we most likely fail to clean on a regular basis. Spring cleaning season is a great time to pay attention to details like this. Find more info on this topic by clicking here.

What The Pros Recommend

I reviewed quite a few spring cleaning “to-do” lists from various publications, including one written by Jessica Bennett for Better Homes & Gardens on Most of them stressed that getting organized is the best way to begin the spring cleaning process. Firstly, they recommend disposing of unwanted items cluttering up your home as a great place to start. Secondly, find a good place to store those items which you will not be needing during the winter months. That includes the clothing in your wardrobe which may be cluttering up your closets. You won’t be needing those winter sweaters during the dry, oven-like summers in Las Vegas.

Don’t Do It All In One Day

You can find six spring cleaning chores to put on your “to-do” list this season. Don’t try and do them all in one day or one weekend. Spread the work out over time. Or, if you have a lot of money, hire a cleaning company or custodial service. And if you can afford that, then I am truly envious. In any event, things are starting to look a lot better already.

  • Clean Your Windows

    Cleaning windows

    Believe it or not, this is one of my favorite spring cleaning jobs around our house. We’ve had a pretty wet winter here in the Las Vegas Valley, so there are lots of water spots on our windows. Thank goodness we live in a one-story home or I might not enjoy this chore so much.

  • Change Your Wardrobe

    Change Your Wardrobe

    I think this is one of my wife’s favorite spring cleaning chores. I have no idea where she stores all of her winter clothes, but what I don’t see doesn’t affect me, right? On the other hand, since I am on the radio and very few people ever see me in the KKLZ studio, I really don’t need a lot of clothes like I would if I was on TV. So, all my stuff fits in my closet and drawers.

  • Clean Overlooked Surfaces And Light Fixtures

    Clean overlooked surfaces

    This is one of those chores that we always need to remind ourselves about. It is amazing to me how much cleaning the base boards around our home makes the house look so much cleaner. Dusting off light fixtures and blinds is also important, but it seems like we are always doing that and the dust just returns immediately.

  • Get Organized And De-Clutter

    Organize cluttered rooms and garage

    I have a family member (who will go nameless) who is not a hoarder, but loves to save stuff for future use. This person has a jar of loose buttons saved up for cryin’ out loud. I hate clutter, and so does my wife, so this is one chore we take care of year-round. If you don’t keep up with it, the spring cleaning organization of your garage and storage areas is certainly a huge task.

  • Clean Under Furniture And Appliances

    Clean under furniture and appliances

    Every once in a while something rolls under a sofa or under the refrigerator and we pull the vacuum out. Once we move this heavy object, we’re shocked to see what kind of dust and debris has collected under that sofa or fridge. We need to put this task on our spring cleaning to-do list.

  • Power Wash Any Outdoor Hard Surfaces And Driveways

    Power Wash Outdoor hard surfaces like patios and driveways

    I got a head start and cleaned my grill last weekend. Gave the backyard patio a good power wash too. Next up, cleaning all the patio furniture and the cushions. We have to get things ready for our first backyard party. We’ll be sick of the summer heat by August, but right now, we’re looking forward to the warmer temperatures and getting outdoors more often.

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