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The Mike & Carla Morning Show

Social Media Abbreviations are a whole language now.

This might wind up being a test, to either make you feel old – or young if you nail it.  Below are the most popular abbreviations people use online.

Millennials and Gen-Zers of the world have taken technology and run with it, which is understandable considering they are the ones who grew up with it literally at their fingertips. They are natives to the worlds of technology, whereas the generations before them are all immigrants to the world of technology.

Do you wonder why so many things are abbreviated now? Believe it or not, people didn’t start abbreviating just to look cool. It actually started because of social media character limits.

Twitter is especially known for this because the platform used to only allow up to 140 characters in a single tweet, leaving lost tweeters to figure out how to make their messages short, sweet and to the point.

As Twitter was mostly being used by millennials and Gen-Zers in the beginning, they started to create their own language, with abbreviations. Twitter now allows up to 280 characters in a tweet, but the abbreviations aren’t going away any time soon, because they have become their own language.

Sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with all the latest slang, but I’m here to help!

So, here are some of the most popular internet abbreviations that are commonly used online, and definitely in text messages, so you don’t have to keep scratching your head in confusion every time you get a text from your kids.

If you’re paying attention even a little, you probably know a lot of these.  Like LOL – “laugh out loud,” (no Aunt Mildred, it’s not “lots of love,” but thank you!) and FYI means “for your information”

Great start! But how many of these other ones do you know?  Here’s a ranking – we’ll start out easy, then get a little harder.

-Carla Rea

  • DM

    Direct Message. As the kids say, “it goes down in the DM.” Sometimes, we share memes, recipes and pictures through direct messages.

    Social Media Abbreviations

















    4zevar via Getty Images

  • JK

    Just Kidding. It’s a pretty common one that can totally change the tone of your text.

    Social media abbreviations

    Robert Daly via Getty Images

  • BRB

    Be Right Back. Sometimes, we just want to “brb” in real life.

    Social Media Abbreviations

    Jack N. Mohr via Getty Images

  • TBH

    To Be Honest. I don’t know when’s the last time I used this. But, I enjoy sprinkling this in my texting vocabulary every now and then.

    Social Media Abbreviations

    AtnoYdur via Getty Images

  • IRL

    In Real Life. This is when you need to give someone a dose of a reality check. You can use it in the context of “in real life, this wouldn’t be a big deal.”

    Social media abbreviations

    Artur via Getty Images

  • NSFW

    Not Safe for Work. This one seems to be used during the golden age of texting abbreviations, which can be said to be around 2007 – 2010. This is when we were truly communicating through shorthanded abbreviations and keyboard emojis.

    Social Media Abbreviations

    damedeeso via Getty Images

  • TTYL

    Talk To You Later. This is another great one that you can still use either in a sarcastic manner or a real-life meaning.

    Social Media Abbreviations

    Bohdan Skrypnyk via Getty Images

  • NBD

    No Big Deal. This can make a situation calmer and can change the tone of your text to convey different messages.

    Social media abbreviations

    Jarmo Piironen via Getty Images

  • IMO and IMHO

    In My Opinion and In My Humble Opinion. Another one that I use sparingly. “IMO, I think the Chipotle on Rainbow is better.”

    Social media abbreviations

    isiddheshm via Getty Images


  • FTW

    For The Win

    Social Media Abbreviations

    Oscar Gutierrez Zozulia via Getty Images

  • SMH

    Shaking My Head. You can say this one when disapproving of someone’s actions!

    Social Media Abbreviations

    Siri Stafford via Getty Images

  • IDK

    I Don’t Know. Sometimes, this is the perfect response.

    Social media abbreviationss

    Deagreez via Getty Images

  • IDC

    I Don’t Care. Enough said.

    Social media abbreviations

    zGel via Getty Images

  • MSG

    Short for the word “Message.”

    Social media abbreviations

    Dacian_G via Getty Images

  • OMW

    On My Way

    Social Media Abbreviations

    Nadzezhda Paliakovavia Getty Images

  • G2G

    Got To Go. You can use this if someone makes a funny or crude joke. “GTG from this convo!”

    Social Media Abbreviations

    Makidotvn via Getty Images

  • TFW

    That Feeling When . . . you learn great texting lingo.

    Social media abbreviations

    Robert Daly via Getty Images

  • MFW

    “My Face When.”

    Social Media Abbreviations

    max-kegfire via Getty Images

  • ILY

    I Love You. A very common one that many of us know.

    Social Media Abbreviations

    Sudowoodo via Getty Images

  • IMU

     I Miss You  (Yes, a ‘U’ even though the word “you” starts with a ‘Y’.)

    Social Media Abbreviations

    worldofvector via Getty Images


    In Case You Missed It!

    Social Media Abbreviations

    ALLVISIONN via Getty Images


    Short for the word “seriously”

    Social Media Abbreviations

    Bastian via Getty Images

  • TLDR

    Too Long Didn’t Read

    Social Media Abbreviations

    RoMiEg via Getty Images

  • BAE

    It actually stands for Before Anyone Else.  (Bae is also just short for “baby” or “babe.”)

    Social Media Abbreviations

    sidewaysdesign via Getty Images


  • SOML

    Story Of My Life

    Social Media Abbreviations

    Social Media Abbreviation Via Getty Images

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