Wendy Rush

Have you ever wanted to live in the Barbie Dreamhouse?

Of course you have. We all have. Can’t say we blame you. Barbie’s pad is seriously fabulous. With all things pink and plush, it makes you feel like a princess. And it seems that with the new Barbie movie dropping this month, everyone is jumping on the trend of doing a Dreamhouse makeover.

Did you see the Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge that was happening last month on HGTV? It was seriously awesome. People were going all out to make their home into a Barbie pad. Including full remodels of their kitchen or an addition of a pink spiral staircase!

But maybe you’re not THAT Barbie crazy.

Maybe you just want to do something fun while the movie is hot and then go back to your normal look. Maybe you’re not going to ask your husband for permission and just want something you can undo when he finally complains enough. Whatever the case, we have some tips for you to bring some Barbie into your home without having to commit to a full on makeover.

The Dreamhouse from the new movie.

Architectural Digest released a behind-the-scenes video of the Dreamhouse from the new Barbie movie. Margot Robbie, who plays our favorite doll, takes us on a tour. And the designers involved in the project give us some insight as to their design choices. Check it out.

A super impressive set designed by these talented people. We see all the elements from the real Barbie Dreamhouse we grew up with. Pink, pink and more pink. And of course a splash of a few of Barbie’s other favorite colors. Mostly canary yellow or aqua.

But it takes more than just throwing pink at something to make it feel worthy of Barbie, herself. Here are a few things you can do in your own space to get some of that fab flair. – Wendy Rush

  • 1. A Pink Modern Sofa

    3D Rendering Fashionable comfortable stylish pink fabric sofa with white legs on pink background. Very barbie.

    Photo by Wichayasit Suttiwiriyakun via Getty Images.

    Barbie’s style varies between Midcentury Modern and Contemporary. For a more modern look, find a sofa like the one above, that has clean lines and thin legs. And, of course, make sure it’s pink!

  • Or A Contemporary One

    If contemporary is more your style, then you’ll want something like this set. With interesting, curved lines. But again, make sure it’s pink.

    Contemporary classic white beige interior with furniture and decor.

    Photo by YKvision via Getty Images

  • 2. Get Your "Tone On Tone" On

    Interior room in plain monochrome light pink color with single chair and floor lamp. Light background with copy space. 3D rendering for web page, presentation background

    Photo by I’m love photography and art. This is me. via Getty Images

    Barbie is all about the pink, obviously. So make sure you have plenty of it. And it’s totally fine (and even necessary) to do pink on pink in your decorating. However, I would accent this pink-washed room with some pops of other color in the throw pillows. Try a light yellow, baby blue or lavender for a very Barbie look.

  • 3. Get Creative With Your Decor

    A pair of fabulous pink Barbie like heels in patent leather. One standing, one laying down. Hot pink on a solid baby pink studio background.

    Photo by Oleksandra Zhuravlova via Getty Images.

    If you want to live in a dreamhouse, you have think outside the box. Instead of a vase or bowl as an accent piece, why not have pink heels adding style? Just find a pair like this and strategically place them where they can add some Barbie flair to the room. A definite conversation starter!

  • 4. Hot Pink Accents

    Hot pink throw pillow with shiny pink circles sewn on it in a checkerboard pattern. A very Barbie type of accent piece.

    Photo by Baloncici via Getty Images.

    While Barbie is very “tone on tone” with her home, that just means pink on pink. It doesn’t all have to be the same pink. In fact, it’s better that it’s not. Barbie is famous for mixing her baby pinks with hot pinks. So find some throw pillows or other accent pieces in various shades of pink.

  • 5. Don't be shy with the Plush

    Remember that Barbie is all about her plush, furry or fuzzy fabrics. So use them generously. Make sure you have a healthy mix of velvets like this headboard…

    Background of shocking pink velvet sofa with crystal botton

    Photo by eriyalim via Getty Images.

    And fuzzy or furry pieces like this throw pillow.

    Shaggy pink heart isolated on white background

    Photo by mawielobob via Getty Images.

    But remember that Barbie’s signature shade of pink is the lighter baby pink. Use the darker pinks as accents and not the main feature. The exception to this rule is the kitchen and pool area.

  • 6. Use plenty of whimsy

    elegant crystal bubbles chandelier

    Photo by DenijalZemanic via Getty Images.

    If nothing else, Barbie is playful. Of course, duh, she’s a kid’s toy. So don’t skimp on the fun stuff in your decor. Our favorite is something like this. A chandelier that looks like bubbles. Hang it above your bathtub for a bath worthy of a dreamhouse.

  • 7. Plastic Makes Perfect

    Plastic orange chair and round white table in modern style

    Photo by IKvyatkovskaya via Getty Images.

    You may have noticed that there is no shortage of plastic in Barbie’s world. That’s kind of a given. So use it in your decor to bring in that dollhouse feel. One major place you should be using it is in your dining room furniture. Barbie isn’t a wood girl when it comes to her furniture. She loves her some plastic. Like this midcentury modern dining chair.

    Again, go for pink in the table and chairs. And use an aqua vase on the table paired with yellow or hot pink accents in the diningware.

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