Larry Martino

Larry Martino

Larry Martino

Five school-age children enjoying fun in the sun during summer vacation on a beach.

“School’s out for summer!” Clark County School District students, teachers, and administrators all experience joy and relief when the school year comes to a close. Now, get ready to crank up five awesome tunes for your summer vacation.

That Final School Bell Signifies School’s Out For Summer

There really is nothing like that feeling of joy and happiness when that school bell rings on the final day of school. It was always a half-day when I was a kid. We just counted down the minutes until noon as we chatted with our teacher about all that happened during the school year.

During elementary school years, my friends and I would celebrate by heading to a nearby park to play some sandlot baseball. Later on, during high school, you would finish up the final days of the school year by writing something funny or poignant in all your classmates’ yearbooks.

When school’s out for summer, you also have your family’s summer vacation to look forward to. Whether it was in the country, at the beach, or a famous theme park, there was almost always summer fun to be had after the school year ended.

When School’s Out For Summer, You Need Some Awesome Tunes

Once I got my driver’s license and bought my first broken down used car, summer was a time to cruise around with friends. We always had the tunes blasting.

In fact, that’s one of the reasons I’ve enjoyed my radio career so much. Lots of the songs we play on 96.3 KKLZ are summertime songs which bring back great memories.

I can always pinpoint a specific memory from my youth when I play a great summertime song on the air.

With that in mind, I chose five awesome tunes about the end of the school year, and all the fun you’ll be having during your summer vacation. Enjoy!

  • 'Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2' - Pink Floyd

    When it comes to being sick and tired of sitting in a classroom, this song from Pink Floyd conveys those feelings perfectly. “We don’t need no education.” That lyric exemplifies what just about every student has thought at one time or another during their school years. I know that I often complained about subjects I didn’t like. As a parent, I’m sure you’ve heard the question: “When am I ever going to need to know this when I grow up?” One never knows.

  • 'Summertime' - D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

    A top 5 single from Will Smith, back when he was a part of that mass appeal rapping duo D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. Their song “Summertime” samples a great Kool & The Gang instrumental from the 70s titled “Summer Madness.” There is lots of great imagery in Smith’s lyrics about summertime activities we all enjoy. Certainly, a cool groove to kick back and enjoy along with your favorite cold beverage on a hot summer day.

  • 'Walking On Sunshine' - Katrina & The Waves

    A fun, upbeat 80s song that just makes you think of enjoying a nice, warm summer day with your friends and family. Pool parties, barbecues, a lazy day in the backyard, a visit to the beach, or a picnic in the park. It doesn’t matter as long as you’re having fun in the sun. That’s what summer is all about when you’re a kid away from the classroom for a couple of months. Enjoy!

  • 'Vacation' - Go-Go's

    As a child and teenager, when that school bell rings on the final day of the school year, all you can think about is where you’re going for summer vacation. My family would spend summers in a little town in Vermont at a motel that had cabins. The motel also had a pool, which we kids loved, even though it wasn’t heated. When you’re a kid, it really doesn’t matter. There was a horse racing track nearby that my Dad would frequent at night. My Mom would visit antique shops during the day. Fond memories. Where are you taking your family on summer vacation this year?

  • 'School's Out' - Alice Cooper

    We saved the best for last. The epitome of songs about the final day of the school year. You just can’t beat this tune by Alice Cooper. Released in 1972 from the album of the same name. This song has been played on Top 40 and rock stations every year at this time on the last day of the school year. Crank it up and enjoy your summer vacation!

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