Larry Martino

Larry Martino

A Mom who is fed up with hearing annoying holiday hits that her daughter loves to listen to.

Some people absolutely love the holiday season. Others dread this time of year. Some folks love Christmas music. Others find it annoying. Different strokes for different folks, right? However, I think many of us can agree there are some annoying holiday hits we can only stand hearing one time each year. And maybe, not even that much.

People Who Love Christmastime

First, let’s deal with people who love the holiday season. For example, my wife is one of those who pulls out all the stops this time of year. Therefore, she loves everything about Christmas. For one thing, she has more holiday decorations that come out of the attic than I’ve ever seen. She starts baking holiday cakes, breads, muffins, and cookies. In like fashion, she’s always watching those romantic holiday movies on TV. Of course, she also loves Christmas music.

In fact, back in the 1990’s we recorded an album of her favorite Christmas songs. You see, I met my wife in Nashville when she was pursuing a career as a singer and songwriter. She has a great, warm, singing voice. Perfect for holiday music in my humble opinion.

Subsequently, after our move to California, that part of her career was over. But she still loves singing. Likewise, she loves Christmas music. So, we recorded about eight holiday songs in an empty studio at the radio station in which I was working at the time. We used karaoke tapes for the music tracks. I added a little bit of echo to her voice in the studio. Then, we made cassette tapes of those songs and sent them out to all our relatives as a Christmas gift. The album was a hit with our families.

Those That Dread Hearing All The Annoying Holiday Hits

Conversely, there are those that dread this time of year. Every store, business, and restaurant you walk into is playing the same holiday hits over and over. Why? There just aren’t that many great Christmas songs. Even if you add all the best secular and religious holiday songs together, you’ll find it’s just the same 25 or so songs performed by different recording artists.

For this reason, many hate hearing even the most popular Christmas songs during the holidays. I’m sure there are familiar holiday hits you don’t enjoy anymore. I get it. But, for the purpose of this article, we’re going to deal with those novelty songs that you can only stand to hear once each year. And maybe not even that many times.

So, prepare yourself, take a few deep breaths to calm your nerves. Then, scroll down and see if you agree that these are five of the most annoying holiday hits of all time. Merry Christmas!


  • 5) 'The Chipmunk Song' - David Seville and the Chipmunks

    This was certainly one of my favorite holiday songs when I was a kid. However, the older you get, the more annoying this one gets. But, if you have kids in your home, they’re probably familiar with The Chipmunks films, and this song as well. Even though it was first recorded in the late 1950’s, kids love to hear those Chipmunks singing and fooling around. Alvin!!!

  • 4) 'I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas' - Gayla Peevey

    I have to be honest. I never heard this song when I was a kid. I never heard it until I moved here to Las Vegas. This 10-year-old little girl from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma recorded this holiday novelty song in 1953. It’s a catchy tune for sure, but boy, does it get annoying after a few listens.

  • 3) 'Dominick The Donkey' - Lou Monte

    Unless you grew up on the East Coast, you may not be familiar with this novelty song. Lou Monte is popular with Italian-American families for singing folk songs from “the old country.” He had a huge novelty hit record in the early 1960’s with “Pepino The Italian Mouse.” He recorded this seasonal tune in 1960. It gets a great deal of radio airplay around the holidays in major Eastern cities such as New York, Philadelphia, and Providence, Rhode Island.

  • 2) 'Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer' - Elmo and Patsy

    Here’s a huge holiday novelty record from the 1980’s. Actually, it was recorded by Randy Brooks in 1979. His uncle is comedian Foster Brooks, who was a regular on the television programs The Dean Martin Show and The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast. He had a hilarious drunk act he did on those shows. Anyway, this novelty record grew in popularity during the 80’s after it first became a holiday hit on country radio stations, and later, Top 40 stations. Nowadays, not so much.

  • 1) 'Jingle Bells' - The Singing Dogs

    A Jack Russell dog celebrating the holidays with a champagne glass in the right paw, and a microphone in the right paw. The dog appears to be singing into the microphone while wearing red-rimmed sunglasses, a red bowtie, and a red top hat. Superimposed on a white background.

    A Jack Russell dog which appears to be singing into a microphone while celebrating the holidays with champagne.

    If ever there was a record that should be classified as a novelty song, this is it. I remember playing this one on the family “hi-fi” record player over and over again when I was just a little kid. I couldn’t figure out how they got those dogs to bark at the right time to actually sing in tune with the song “Jingle Bells.” Of course, it is just a recording of different dogs’ barks edited together to create the recording. Click here to listen to the recording on if you dare. Happy Holidays!

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