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Vegas, we spoke to you and you spoke back in a BIG way. Thank you for not just hearing but listening to us. The 6th Annual Mike & Carlas Project H2O, in partnership with The Salvation Army sponsored by Port Of Subs, comes to an end Friday, May 27.

Our 6th Annual water drive has been a joyous and rewarding experience to say the least. The Mike & Carla Morning Show gave listeners the chance to give back to to the community of Southern Nevada. All of the cases of bottled water collected will help The Salvation Army just in time for summer. Locals and tourists a like understand just how hot Vegas can get. It’s important to raise awareness on heat related deaths due to dehydration that takes place in Las Vegas and all around the globe.

We posted at four water drop off Port of Subs locations across the Vegas Valley. We were off to a slower start in the very beginning but the more we pushed the message the more that you showed up and showed out. Our final Port of Subs drop off location was our best stop with an intake of 30 cases of water. Our first ever water donation party that took place at the Beasley Broadcast Group building on Saturday, May 21 was a HUGE success. It was a lot of fun getting to hang out with each and every one of you that stopped by to donate water. If you donated four cases or more, we hope you enjoy your FREE Port of Subs lunch.

We also want to highlight Joe Arevall and Premium Waters for donating 20 pallets of water. There were 72 cases of water per pallet. That is A LOT of water! The Mike and Carla 6th Annual Project H2O will help impact many of our neighbors lives thanks to our friends at Port of Subs.

Together we raised over 1,600 cases of water! We hope to continue this water drive for many more years to come and we will see you in 2023 for Mike and Carla’s 7th Annual Project H2O.