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As if we weren’t already aware of the germs, and just general yuck, on airplanes, the Covid virus made us even more aware.

Trying to stay healthy on flights has always been an issue for travelers. We’re not only keeping Purell in our carry-on bags now, but we’re disinfecting every other area on the plane from potential germs!

According to flight attendants, and Travel and Leisure magazine, there’s one thing that most travelers often ignore: the seat-back pocket.

A Reddit user and long-haul flight attendant, posted on an r/AskReddit thread about some of most germ filled places you can find on an airplane. “I ALWAYS recommend you never, ever, ever, EVER use or put anything in the seat pocket.”

Make Sure Your Seatback Pocket is Germ Free!

They are cleared of trash, but are never ‘cleaned’,” the user wrote. Eww.

They went on to talk about the numerous gross things cleaning crews have found while clearing the plane: dirty tissues, air sickness bags (not empty ones), underwear socks, chewed gum, half sucked candy, apple cores, orange peels… The list goes on and on.

Think about it for a minute: A passenger is hacking into a wad of tissues and instead of immediately throwing them out – because they’re in the window seat, and don’t want to get out –  they just shove them in the seat-back pocket. It’s very common, and we’ve all done it.

Now, imagine you’re on the next flight and you’re sitting in that same seat. You put in your headphones in the pocket,  your phone , so it’s handy. Oh – or maybe you put your laptop or tablet in there. The next time you touch your device, you have all those gross leftover germs on your hands – or your face, your mouth, and eyes. Again – EWW!

The seat-back pockets aren’t the only germ infested places in a plane. Everywhere from the bathrooms, to your tray tables are home to a number of bacteria and viruses.

Swab tests done on seat headrests came back with Staphylococcus, E. coli, and Hemolytic bacteria (just look em up – I don’t want to ruin your meal). Seat-back pockets tested positive for aerobic bacteria, mold, coliforms, and E.coli. Germs, germs, and more germs!

Experts say the best way to combat germs is to use hand sanitizer, and to use disinfecting wipes on all surfaces, including the seat, tables, seatbelt – so, basically everything!

Safe travels.
-Carla Rea
Other travel tips from flight attendants –

  • Never Take Your Shoes Off on a Flight

    Not only is it disgusting, but your feet swell while flying, so it’s going to be harder to put them back on while everyone is trying desperately to just get off the plane, and get home, or start their vacations.

    Germs on plaves

    redonion1515 via Getty Images

  • Size up your bag

    Check your carry on bag’s dimensions at home and make sure they adhere to your airline’s limits. Remember, European carriers’ limits vary slightly from those in the U.S.  Blame it on the metric system that we were supposed to learn the one Tuesday, 40 years ago, but never did.

    Airplane etiquette

  • Moisturize

    Even on next-gen jets like the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the Airbus A350, cabin humidity levels rarely top 20% (and are only around 8-10% on conventional aircraft). To avoid looking like a prune after your flight, pack a light moisturizer and apply it frequently.

    Germs on planes

  • When do you recline your seat?

    Preferable only on longer flights, and only after food has been served (if there is food on your flight), so the person behind you can eat comfortably.

    Germs on planes

    Stewart Sutton via Getty Images

  • Middle seat rule:

    If you’re in the middle seat, flight attendants say YOU get both armrests. I mean, that’s the least you can do, aisle and window people!

    Airplane etiquette

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