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The Mike & Carla Morning Show

The Mike & Carla Morning Show

There are a lot of things we do as couples, but even if you’re with someone, there are things we still can’t do in public without being “judged”! No matter how comfortable you feel with that other person, you know others are going to look at you a little weird and that makes a lot of us very uncomfortable!

Recently, The Sun, out of England, published an article on those things we wish we could do freely in public without being judged by others…including dancing in the street, walking barefoot, or just stretching in the park without others thinking “…how weird is that?”

As much as this might be considered a take from those across the pond, if you think about it, you can relate just as much in this country as well. So the question was easy, what are those things we wish we could do freely in public without being pre-judged? Now some of the things people think that apparently we can’t do in public freely, no matter if we’re with someone or not is biting our nails, picking our nose, or even touching things with Cheeto fingers!

Living in Las Vegas, we see a lot of things we wish we could erase, so we’ll just say it here that peeing, popping pimples, and adjusting your underwear in public is gross and should not be done no matter if you’re with someone or not!

So what are those things people think we shouldn’t be allowed to do in public freely? Down below is the Top 5, the five things people wish they could do in public without the risk of feeling embarrassed by others around them.

As you look at the list, heck, you might have already done some of these things…or you might want to add your own ideas to the list. Those things that maybe we haven’t thought of…nonetheless, scroll down and enjoy!

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    Listening to something outside

    playb via Getty Images

    Listening to something outside…without headphones! This might be a touchy one and we get why it might be frowned on, but to be able to do it is seemingly so freeing, especially when you feel that comfortable doing it! Maybe that’s why this ends up as #5 on the list!



    soleg via Getty Images

    Coming in at #4 on the list is actually telling someone you love them! Not everyone is comfortable with this for some reason and when you do it in public, the heart rate goes up just a bit more! Especially if the other person doesn’t feel the same way…but wouldn’t it be nice if you could do this freely in public without feeling awkward?


    Singing out loud on the street

    Oleksii Didok via Getty Images

    Wouldn’t this be such a better place if we could all just sing out loud walking down the street belting out our favorite song? Of course it would be…however, for some reason, we feel that if we do, others around us won’t be able to appreciate the talent and not be very kind when walking by…for that reason, this comes in at #3 on the list!



    alone at the movies

    Michael Blann via Getty Images

    We’ve all done it, and to be honest, it’s not that bad to see a movie all by yourself. Why others think it’s a little weird or even sad is beyond us, but for whatever reason, this is #2 on the list of things we wish we could do freely without judgement!



    thumbs up!

    flukyfluky via Getty Images

    Not sure why this is so hard to do, but according to the list, it shows up as #1! It might have something to do with the fact that we’re talking about complimenting a “stranger”. Whatever the case, we just wish we could do this in public with out others being so “judgy”!

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