The Mike & Carla Morning Show

The Mike & Carla Morning Show

Christmas is here, and KKLZ always gives you the gift of non-stop Christmas music for Christmas day. Be careful though. Frank Sinatra and Mariah Carey can be a danger.

Christmas, and holiday music is supposed to give you that warm, festive, tingly feeling, but apparently some songs can do the opposite, and they can cause you to drive like a complete idiot – and we don’t need more of that on the roads, let alone the Las Vegas roads, where tourists and locals seem to make up their own rules of the road as they go along.

A recent study by The National Library of Medicine found that songs with beats per minute (BPMs) over 120 are linked with increased dangerous driving, which increases the risk of accidents.  It’s all based on BPM, or beats per minute.

Think of EDM, or “house music.” That comes in at around 126-132 BPM. It gets you moving, you’re having fun – but is that what you want in the car, while you’re driving? Maybe – but it can be dangerous. And some of your favorite Christmas songs could be the culprit!

The BPM of some of the world’s most iconic Christmas songs are some of the most dangerous ones to drive to.  You’re driving with Frank Sinatra cranked up, because that’s what you listened to as a kid – not knowing that one day, it could be a danger!

You might be surprised at the top five – especially number one. I was shocked – SHOCKED!

Here’s your top five in descending dangerous order:

-Carla Rea

  • 5. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! by Frank Sinatra

    Frank Sinatra’s ‘Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!’ is the fifth most dangerous Christmas song to drive to. It has a BPM of 143. Despite being one of the most beloved Christmas songs in the world, its high BPM is over the ‘safe’ limit of 120, meaning Ol’ Blue Eyes can cause you to drive more aggressively.

    Frank Sinatra Christmas songs

    Photo: Hutton Archives via Getty Images

  • 4. Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town - various versions

    The Supremes, Bruce SpringsteenMichael Bublé and many more recorded ‘Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town.’  It’s one of the most treasured Christmas anthems of all time! But with a BPM of 147, the famously upbeat Jackson 5 version could cause you a lot of problems driving.

    The Supremems

    Photo: Hutton Archives via Getty Images

  • 3. Feliz Navidad

    The Spanish Christmas song ‘Feliz Navidad’ is another holiday favorite that has the potential to cause dangerous driving. With a BPM of 149, José Feliciano’s catchy yuletide jingle is bound to have you dancing and singing (and you really don’t know the words anyhow. You THINK you do, but you don’t…) – which could be dangerous!

    Jose Feliciano Feliz Navidad

    Photo: Rebecca Sapp via Getty Images

  • 2 All I Want for Christmas is You, by Mariah Carey

    One of the most popular Christmas songs of modern times. Mariah Carey will make almost $2 million dollars, just this year, off of this one! At 150 BPM  ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ is a risky Christmas song to drive to. By the way – it’s also a HUGE Christmas karaoke staple. Belt it out – just don’t drive to it!

    Mariah Carey All I Want For Christmas Is You

    Photo: Michael Loccisano vi Getty Iamges

  • 1. Frosty the Snowman

    No – how can this be??? The light-hearted Christmas jingle ‘Frosty the Snowman’ is a favorite with children, about a “jolly happy soul.” The study showed that the song can have the opposite effect of “jolly.” A BPM of 172 can cause stressful temperaments in drivers. Yikes! From a snowman??

    Frosty the Snowman

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