The Mike & Carla Morning Show

The Mike & Carla Morning Show

A group cheering as they watch a football game and drink

It seems that if you look into the numbers, Las Vegas hits the jackpot with the BIG GAME being here and we all know it’s all about the money! The Mike & Carla Morning Show did a deep dive and, although some of the numbers look a little unrealistic, the big one looks good for Las Vegas.

When we talk about the “big” number, we’re talking about the financial impact to Clark County and Las Vegas. According to an article put out by WalletHub, we seem to be the huge benefactor of the influx of people the game brings into Vegas. The one stat that stood out to us was the fact that, according to the article, Southern Nevada will take in $1.1. billion dollars over the weekend! NICE!

Las Vegas Wins Big With The Big Game

However, there were some other numbers that stood out to us…only spending $275 on food and beverage for over the course of four days. Not sure where these people are eating and drinking, but that’s a totally good deal! On the flipside, the report says that there is a 35% increase in pizza orders!

If you’re still thinking about going to the game at Allegiant Stadium, it might sting a bit. The report shows that the average tickets is going for about $10, 752. That’s an average ticket price…which means it might be a bit higher or even lower.

On the other hand, you have to park or at least get to the game…and that might be the most expensive item outside of your ticket. Then you get to that one figure that tells you how many people will miss work the next day after the BIG GAME. Not sure how we will fare here, but over 18 million people will miss work on Monday. Not sure if they took a vacation day or will call in sick, but that’s a lot!

In the end, that will cost our country over $18 million in productivity! YIKES! But, let’s talk food for Super Bowl Sunday…scroll down to see the numbers on that and enjoy!


    Believe it or not, 1.45 billion chicken wings will be eaten during the BIG GAME! Over a billion…like there’s nothing else to eat right? Knowing that we have some great places to order wings from, deliveries will be at an all time high this weekend!

    A basket of chicken wings with a cup of ranch.

  • RIBS

    They might be messy, but people love ribs! 10 million pound of ribs will be served up during the BIG GAME. The meat, all the sauce…just make sure you have enough wipes around the house!

    A rack of ribs on the table with a red checkered table cloth


    This number is amazing because chips at very heavy, but 11.3 pounds of chips will be scarfed down this weekend. And we’re talking about all types…BBQ, Sour Cream and more. So, make sure you have enough bags on hand because there might not be any left at the store!

    A bowl of fresh chips ready to serve up in a white bowl


    Wasn’t there an avocado shortage a couple of years ago? Well, now that the BIG GAME is here, everyone needs them to make the guacamole! It’s expected that 250 pounds of ava0cad0s will be needed to fill those bowls with the green dip!

    A cutting board of avocados and a knife


  • BEER

    Last, but not least, is the beer! Gotta have something to wash all this food down with. With that said, it’s expected that 50 million cases of beer will be sold for the BIG GAME! Here’s to you football fan…enjoy!

    Someone opening a bottle of beer with a bottle openers

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