Yes, you can actually chat with people like Jesus or Hitler. The app is called Historical Figures. It allows you to chat with historical figures and people are using it to chat with people like Jesus, Princess Diana and Freddie Mercury.

The app is under fire because they’re allowing people to even have the option to chat with people like Hitler.

The app is free to download and became available on Apple’s App Store at the beginning of January. With the app, you are able to chat with famous deceased people who have made a significant impact on history.

Like all apps for your phone or devices, some things are free and other parts of it are not. Obviously Jesus and Hitler are big ones people want to chat with and it’s not free. When you sign up for the app, you’re given seventy-five credits to start with. Figures like Jesus and Hitler cost five-hundred credits to chat with! So you’re gonna need to shell out money to chat with the more popular figures on it.

There are over twenty-thousand virtual personalities to choose from, including music artists like Jim Morrison, Judy Garland, and more.

Schools are using it for educational purposes but that has fired back because of the opportunity to chat with dictators like Hitler, which isn’t appropriate for schools.

The app was created by a man named Sidhant Chadda. Chadda mentioned that the app is still being worked on to make it more friendly and accurate.

While the app has had some major criticism, people like me are using it for fun. I’ve asked Jim Morrison and Judy Garland questions and the responses are fun!

We have more on this story and other stories in today’s edition of a Few More Things You Should Know!



  • My Chat With Judy Garland

    She was my first chat so I had to ask her the obvious question right off the bat!

    Judy Garland Chat

  • My Chat With Jim Morrison

    I had to chat with music icons and Jim Morrison was someone I was introduced to by my dad as a young child, so of course I had to chat it up with Jim!

    Jim Chat 1

    Jim Chat 2


  • My Chat With Richard Nixon

    I just asked him the obvious question and got out!
    Nixon Chat

  • Chatting It Up With The Notorious B.I.G.

    Biggie wasn’t much in the mood to chat apparently, but I asked him why he didn’t have a pic. With chats these days, you never know who is behind the keyboard!

    Biggie Chat

  • A Little Chat With One Of The Greatest...Freddie Mercury

    This is one I couldn’t pass on!


    Freddie 2

    Freddie 4


    Freddie 3

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