The Mike & Carla Morning Show

The Mike & Carla Morning Show

The Mike & Carla Morning Show

Exterior of luxury Holiday Villa with blue sky and beautiful swimming pool

Neighbors can be competitive about the dumbest stuff . . . you mention that you haven’t had 15 minutes to pick some weeds, and they talk about how exhausting it’s been installing a new sauna in their backyard. A recent poll asked people what outdoor features they’d want . . . specifically to make their neighbors jealous.

You might be surprised at what makes us jealous, especially living in a city like Las Vegas! It could be anything from a simple fire pit to the smell of your own pizza oven making a late night snack in the backyard that sends your neighbor over the top!

So just look at your backyard, see what you have, then take a peek over that brick wall to see if your neighbor has anything in their backyard for you to be jealous of…just don’t get caught!

Below are 5 of the features that most people said made them jealous to find out their neighbors were enjoying in their backyard! SWNS give us the entire list and if you want to check it out, click HERE!

  • 5. An Outdoor Bar

    backyard bar

    [charmedlightph] via Getty Images

    Nothing better than sitting in your backyard, throwing back a few with friends at your own built in bar…but if your neighbor doesn’t have one, guess who’s coming over?

  • 4. A Cozy Seating Area


    Cozy sitting area

    [KatarzynaBialasiewicz] via Getty Images

    Well, if you’re going to enjoy your backyard, you must have a place to sit and if you’re going to do that, you might as well be comfortable! You put together a cozy seating area in the backyard and you will definitely have friends over all summer long!


  • 3. A Pizza Oven

    Pizza oven

    [sickysick] via Getty Images

    If you’re going to be the envy of the neighborhood when it comes to your backyard, this little feature would be #1 on my list! Nothing beats sitting around outdoors creating your own pizza right there in your very own backyard…a MUST have to make the neighbors jealous!


  • 2. A Hot Tub


    hot tub

    [zysman] via Getty Images

    If you really want to make your backyard the place to be this summer, just get a hot tub! People love the hot tub and it’s a great ice breaker when it comes to meeting new neighbors!

  • 1. A Guest House or Gazebo To Hang Out In

    Guest house

    [jimmcdowall] via Getty Images

    To add icing to your already awesome backyard, the only feature you need now would be a guest house and/or gazebo for your friends to hang out in when heading over to visit. This is the #1 item that you need to have when it comes to putting together the perfect backyard, but the one thing you’ll want to make your neighbors jealous!

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