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Vegas High School Students Lead The Way In #UNLVStrong Unity

Six years ago, Las Vegas learned that the moments after a massive tragedy are when we need community more than ever. And two high school students in Clark County are making sure we have it this week. The shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in 2017 was the largest mass shooting in United States history ( When a lone gunman opened fire from a Mandalay Bay hotel room window on an unsuspecting crowd of concert goers. More than 500 people were injured and at least 58 people were killed. And while the headlines in the papers eventually started to taper off, the aftermath of the tragedy in the city of Las Vegas did not. Many felt lost, confused, and suddenly insecure in the place that was their home. But I remember the community of Las Vegas coming together in those days. In a way I had never before seen in my 21 years of residency. And this week our beloved city is mourning yet again. Just three miles from where the Route 91 shooting was held, yet another tragedy befell on the campus at UNLV. Four faculty members at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas were shot by a man on campus in the middle of a school day. Three died from their injuries. And yet again, Las Vegas is navigating the aftermath. But two CCSD high school students are not letting Las Vegas forget the importance of community after a tragedy. Two Coronado High School students in the Clark County School District reached out to their school leaders after the shooting at UNLV. Determined to rally the community together in solidarity. And through their efforts, they started a district-wide initative to show support for the university. With the help of CCSD Superintendent Jesus F. Jara, the students invited other students, teachers, staff and administration to wear the university's school color or UNLV gear on what they are calling Rebel Red Friday. Here's the release from the UNLV Newsroom. -Wendy Rush, 96.3KKLZ